용감한가족 Brave Family

Brave Family

Anyone watched Brave Family? I did and I enjoyed this Korean variety show very much.

What it’s about?
A group of celebrities become virtual family members and learn to adapt their new lifestyles in foreign lands. Sound easy right? But it ain’t man!

Here are the casts of Brave Family:
Lee Moon Sik as father
Shim Hye Jin as mother
Kang Min Hyuk as son
Choi Jung Won as eldest daughter (episode 1 – 5)
Kim Seol Hyun as youngest daughter
Park Myeong Su as uncle
Park Joo Mi as uncle’s wife (episode 6 – 10)
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Local, Travel

An Afternoon Of Seafood, Quaint Village & Sea At Tanjung Sepat

I spent this year’s Labor’s day holiday at Tanjung Sepat. This impromptu trip was decided on the day itself after coming back from my maiden gym workout. First stop was at Asam Batu Laut Restaurant for late lunch. I’ve been to this eatery back in 2013 and found the seafood to be fresh and delicious. So we came back for more!

Asam Batu Laut Restaurant @ Batu Laut
Clockwise from left: salted mantis prawn, asam steamed snapper fish, marmite baby octopus and sizzling hot plate oyster. Not in photo is a plate of dragon vegetables.
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Sewing Spree

I was on a sewing spree the past few weeks. It started because I bought two new fabrics from Spotlight. Then I decided to make something from my old fabrics as well.

Cushions, Pillow & Bolster Cases
In the end I made:
2 x cushion cover (left: love this batik fabric, right: got this from Spotlight – love it)
1 x pillowcase
2 x mini bolster case (red: got it from Ikea, not in photo: batik bolster case)
a bunny scrunchie (somewhere in this photo, can you spot it?)
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Chester Injured His Dewclaw

This afternoon I gave Chester a game of treasure hunt to play while I work in my room. Not long after, I went to check on him and I found plenty of blood on the TV room floor. Oh noooo…

I searched his hands and feet for injury and found that his right front dewclaw is trickling with blood. His dewclaw nail were nowhere to be found. Thankfully the blood did stop after awhile. He didn’t whine at all but keep refusing me when I want to check his wound.

Perfectly Fine Dewclaw
This is a perfectly fine dewclaw.
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