Chester’s Elbows Growth Removed

by Che-Cheh on October 13, 2014 280 views

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The night before Chester’s surgery for the growth removal at his left elbow (yesterday night), I asked my sis whether she was nervous about Chester. The moment she said N.O.P.E, I knew I think TOO much with plenty of rubbish thoughts. My nervousness subside little by little then. Yet I have a sleepless night. Haha

This morning I brought Chester to see his new vet at Bandar Puteri, Puchong. He barks at every human being he sees in the clinic waiting area but the moment we went in for consultation, he quiet down and let the doctor check on him. Oh yes no struggle, fear or nervous at all. WOW! The doctor confirmed his heart is okay (via hearing by stethoscope) and did a cytology using the microscope to see if the growth/tumor is malign or benign. Happy to hear that it’s benign. Still we are going to send the tumor for laboratory test (histopath).

Chester will be on Elizabethan collar for some time.
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A Growth At Chester’s Left Elbow

by Che-Cheh on October 11, 2014 202 views

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I found a large growth at Chester’s left elbow more than a month ago. At the time it wasn’t as reddish as the picture below. I waited until Chester’s birthday is over before bringing him to the vet since I wanted him to enjoy his special day. Visiting the vet had to be put off another few more days since the doctor was on leave.

Growth At The Left Elbow
Quite scary looking right? Chester loves to lick it. The growth has some light red blood coming out from time to time.
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DIY Tee Shirt Tote Bag

October 7, 2014
DIY Tee Shirt Tote Bag

I had some unwanted new and old t-shirts which I put aside hoping to make good use of them someday. Then I saw these articles which turn t-shirt into tote bag and thought why not… I can do it too. Here’s a DIY post which require minimal sewing and another one which require no sewing […]

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Happy 11th Birthday, Chester!

October 3, 2014
Chester Cute Face

Dear Chester, you’re 11 today. Happy Birthday dear!

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Mask Sheets From Innisfree, The Saem & Tony Moly and Etude House Nose-Chin Packs

September 25, 2014
Tony Moly Mask Sheet

These are the mask sheets haul from my recent South Korea trip. Didn’t bought much. Just around 14 sheets from three skincare brands. Innisfree Mask Sheet The masks from Innisfree doesn’t fit my face so adjustment need to be made. When applied it’s cooling on face and feel warm after removing the mask. The liquid […]

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Seoul Day 13, 14 & 15: Bongeunsa Temple, N Seoul Tower & Goodbye

September 19, 2014
Love Locks at N Seoul Tower @ Seoul, South Korea

This will be my last 2014 South Korea trip post. Like finally. We visited Bongeunsa Temple 봉은사 on the morning of day 13. My main reason for visiting this Buddhist temple is because it was the filming location for my favorite Korean drama, Faith. The bonus? This temple is huge and so beautiful. It has […]

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투윅스 Two Weeks & 응급남녀 Emergency Couple (Korean Drama)

September 7, 2014
Emergency Couple

I completed 2 Korean dramas this past months. Because I was hooked with Joseon Gunman in the early episodes, I went on to watch a Lee Joon Gi drama and decided to go with Two Weeks. It’s about a fugitive, Jang Tae San running against time and police to save his daughter with transplant operation […]

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Seoul Day 12: Bukchon Hanok Village & Ssamziegil

August 27, 2014
Bukchon Hanok Village @ Seoul, South Korea

We did plenty of stuff on day 12 but just not recorded in camera. Haha Too busy shopping la. Anyway here’s a brief summary of what we did. It was a half drizzling half cloudy morning. Not a good day for photography hence you’ll see I only posted few photos. Most didn’t came out good […]

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