2015 Origins Christmas Sets Loot

Since it’s the Christmas season, my sis and me dropped by Origins and bought some promotional Christmas sets to pamper our skin. I only bought their mask set since I like their mask range a lot. My sis bought the Plantscription set and superstar minis.

2015 Origins Christmas Loot
This tote bag is free when you purchase any two Christmas sets.
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어셈블리 Assembly (Korean Drama)


Assembly is a Korean drama in politic genre… REALLY REALLY not my cup of tea. BUT I thought I’ll give it a go since I have some time to spare. I can take this opportunity to get to know the political system in South Korea (although this drama is pure fiction, you still can get a taste of it). Besides, we have the irresistible Taecyeon… ahem ahem.

Assembly ended in late September 2015 but I was too busy to blog about it then. I can just not blog about it at all but I choose the opposite. Know why? Because this drama is a GEM! I want more people to watch it and enjoy it.

I didn’t know who Jung Jae Young or Song Yoon A were initially. As I delved deeper into the episodes, I find them very good actor and actress. They are what made Assembly so enjoyable. I love their assemblyman-aide interactions. I’m also forever fans of them now.
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The Month After October 2015

The past October had been full of sadness, rage and important lessons learned. The rage and lesson parts… I will blog about it one day.

I no longer cry like a mad lady but whenever I think about him, tears still formed a little. At least, they no longer flow down my cheeks. I sleep better now. The recent Taiwan trip helped a lot.

This Sunday will mark 6 weeks since Chester’s passing. I no longer expect to see him in every corners of the house (a habit instill for the past 12 years). But sometimes I thought I heard his footsteps or breathing. If only I can hug him one more time… miss ya always, buddy.

Anyway, it’s good to back blogging. :)

p/s: Writing this made me cry again.


The Last Goodbye

Note: Some photos and/or words in this post may be disturbing to you. Please skip this post if you don’t want to see it.

When I decided to cremate Chester’s remains, I’ve no idea what to do with his ashes. I spent quite some times asking opinion from friend and memorial service experts, Chinese tradition expert and also get ideas from the internet. Some keep the urn in the house, some spread the ashes on the road where they had their daily walks, some place the ashes in the soil and planted a tree or flowers, some scatter the ashes in the sea and some put the urn in a pet memorial park.

Initially, I plan to keep Chester’s urn in the house. Then I thought I would love to plant some flowers together with the ashes and spread some on our daily walking paths. My mom were against all this (Chinese tradition). The idea of scattering the ashes in the sea was in my mind too because I’ve only brought Chester to the sea once when he was quite young. He had one of the best day in the sea… he was a natural swimmer. I had wanted to bring him swimming either in the sea or swimming pool since that day and my dream never materialized.

Also, I read that it’s best to immerse the ashes in water so that he won’t be harmed by ghosts that wants to gain control of the ashes.

Finally, I made a decision. I knew what to do. I want to set him free.
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Chester Bennington Q 2003-2015

Chester in B&W Beauty Actions

Chester Bennington Q
3rd October 2003 – 4th October 2015

It’s with heavy and broken heart to let you all know Chester, my best buddy had passed away sometime during the night on Sunday. He was 12 years and 1 day old.

I miss you even when you were by my side.

Now that you’re gone, I can’t stop missing you every seconds.

Whatever you were suffering, I’m glad you were free from it now.

I feel a big void in my heart. What will I do without you?


You’ll always be in my heart.

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