Refashion: Blouse To No Sew Infinity Scarf

by Che-Cheh on January 20, 2015 333 views

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Last year, I was heavily inspired by all the refashion folks out there. They make the world a better place I tell ya. I learned to give my clothing a second glance before adding to the landfill.

This post mark my second take on the refashion world (first refashion here). Never mind that I’m bad in sewing, I’m eager to learn. There are some refashion that doesn’t need sewing and it’s the case with this refashion.

Refashion - Blouse To No Sew Infinity Scarf
This is a nice sheer polka dots blouse. Unfortunately I don’t have the body to wear it. It’s a waste to throw away and I don’t think it’s appropriate for charity. I knew right away what I want to do with it – no sew infinity scarf!

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2015 Chester’s Blood Report

by Che-Cheh on January 14, 2015 328 views

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Last week Chester went to the vet to have his annual vaccine jab. Due to the incompetence of the vet which we usually visited (I can still hear the doctor’s voice telling me: I don’t want to stress myself. I’ll refer you to another doctor), this time we visited a new clinic at Bukit Tinggi. It’s a bit further from our home about 15 mins away.

Car Ride With Chester
To the vet… vroom vroom!
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Loved Hands 3

January 4, 2015

I started this Loved Hands series 5 years ago. It’s about photographing the hands of my loved ones while travelling in the car. You can check out the first part and second part if you’re curious. Dad. My worse nightmare is coming true. His nagging is more serious than my grandma now. Still a smoker […]

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My 2014

December 30, 2014

Girl, I’m so proud of you. You slowed down the time. Stopping and smelling the roses is fun right? Yes! A happier year compared to 2013. *I must be doing something right!* My head is still spiraling with negative thoughts… but at least they are far lesser compared to 2013. I really need to spend […]

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2014 Korean Dramas: The Best, The Bad & The Ugly

December 28, 2014
Yoon Kye Sang as Jung Se Ro & Han Ji Hye as Han Young Won in Full Sun aka Beyond the Clouds

There are lots of disappointment this year from my Korean drama viewing. Dramas that promised to be superb ended up falling flat. *le sigh* I watched a total of 12 Korean dramas this year not including the 4 I dropped halfway point. I noticed the total number of my Korean dramas viewing drop each year. […]

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My South Korea Photobook

December 23, 2014
South Korea Photobook

Few weeks before chancing upon the canvas offer, my sister told me about this great offer from Photobook Malaysia. You pay only RM150 instead of RM544 for a 11” x 11” Large Square Imagewrap Hardcover, 80 pages. What a great deal ya? That was back in August. Since I’ve just came back from South Korea, […]

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Sekinchan 2014

December 16, 2014
Sekinchan Paddy Field

During the last weekend of November, I finally grab my chance to visit the fame paddy fields in Sekinchan which I heard so much about. It certainly didn’t disappoint and I would recommend this place to anyone looking to relax or for photography purpose. The weather forecast said it was going to rain in mid […]

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Origins Holiday Sets Loot

December 3, 2014
Origins Holiday Sets

Many years back I was a user of Origins. Then I switched to other brands. Right now I’m switching back to Origins to see how my skin will fair this time. Coincidentally it’s Christmas season and Origins has several holiday sets on offer. What else? I bought them as my starter packs. I bought Nature’s […]

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