Chester on Canvas

by Che-Cheh on November 16, 2014 513 views

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Few weeks back I chanced upon this cyber sale by Photobook Malaysia. Without hesitation I bought 4 units of 8″ x 8″ canvas prints which is going for only RM9.99 each. Usual price is RM105.00. That’s crazily cheap right? For all the 4 units I select my favorite pictures of Chester to be printed and I made them into black and white in Photoshop. To be honest, I didn’t have any printed picture of Chester in my home prior to this.

Canvas of Chester
Those who followed me in Instagram would have seen this picture. This picture is my absolute fav!

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Oil Cleansing Method – My Personal Review

by Che-Cheh on November 9, 2014 411 views

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Oil Cleansing Method with Coconut Oil

I first heard about oil cleansing method circa 2010/11 from a Korean TV program called Vitamin (from KBS). Little did I know at that time that it would change the way I cleanse my face.

Never heard of oil cleansing method? Plainly explain, it’s about using oil instead of regular cleanser to clean the face. Yes, I mean oil!!!
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Dream Trip to Macau

November 3, 2014
Portuguese Egg TartMy Macau Trip

I’m submitting this post for a chance to win a 3D2N all expenses paid holiday courtesy of Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO). Thanks Nuffnang Malaysia for organizing this contest. I visited Macau 7 years ago on a 1D1N trip. Ever since then I’ve been longing to go back to Macau because my short 24 hours […]

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Melaka 2014

October 28, 2014
Old Building @ Jonker Walk, Melaka

Been wanting to revisit Melaka for quite some time now. Finally I get to give Melaka a go on 29th September. We (as in my family and I) choose a Monday to beat the crowd and tourist. Whilst my growing up years to Melaka were more about the attractions, the trip this time is all […]

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연애의 발견 Discovery of Love (Korean Drama)

October 22, 2014
Discovery of Love

So there’s Eric Moon and then there’s Jung Yu Mi. Both are my favorites. How could I not watch Discovery of Love? You tell me. I first saw Eric’s acting in the ill-fated Spy MyeongWol and then the interesting Zorro-like Chilwu, The Mighty. This guy is hot I tell you. As for Jung Yu Mi, […]

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Chester’s Elbows Growth Removed

October 13, 2014
Chester & His New Hand Accessory

The night before Chester’s surgery for the growth removal at his left elbow (yesterday night), I asked my sis whether she was nervous about Chester. The moment she said N.O.P.E, I knew I think TOO much with plenty of rubbish thoughts. My nervousness subside little by little then. Yet I have a sleepless night. Haha […]

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A Growth At Chester’s Left Elbow

October 11, 2014
Growth At The Left Elbow

I found a large growth at Chester’s left elbow more than a month ago. At the time it wasn’t as reddish as the picture below. I waited until Chester’s birthday is over before bringing him to the vet since I wanted him to enjoy his special day. Visiting the vet had to be put off […]

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DIY Tee Shirt Tote Bag

October 7, 2014
DIY Tee Shirt Tote Bag

I had some unwanted new and old t-shirts which I put aside hoping to make good use of them someday. Then I saw these articles which turn t-shirt into tote bag and thought why not… I can do it too. Here’s a DIY post which require minimal sewing and another one which require no sewing […]

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