Pictures From BlackBerry Curve 4

by Che-Cheh on April 16, 2011 13,614 views

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Woah 4 months has passed since my last installment of ‘Pictures from BlackBerry Curve’. Here are some shots from early January this year.

Pictures from BB

He’s just so cute. What would I do without you Chester?
Sometimes he will ‘ngap’ the blue ball to sleep, other time will be blanket or teddy.
Bottom right picture, he’s being cheeky there. We love playing tug of war with this blanket.

Pictures from BB

Styling my dog with his blanket. I like the draping in the top left picture. So avant garde. Hahaha Bottom right, his expression… LOL Sis said he looks like Darth Maul (lagi teruk).

Have a great weekend!

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