My Latest Oral Care

Gone are the days where I rely only on my toothbrush. Since last year, I started to floss more regularly. Reason because of a large gab between my teeth. But starting this year, I made sure I floss my whole teeth every night before going to bed. It’s quite tedious I tell ya.

Interdental Brush
Then a recent trip to the dentist changes everything. I was introduced to interdental brush. This interdental brush can clean those hard to reach corner like your wisdom tooth area. I love this brush man! Why I never realized this awesome brush before is beyond me. I knew I’ve seen it at the pharmacy but I always thought it was for something else. So thank you doctor for introducing the interdental brush to me.
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힐러 Healer (Korean Drama)


I’m currently diggin’ Healer. Who’s with me?

I went into this drama without any expectation. I knew it would be good because Song Ji Na wrote it but I didn’t expect it would be THIS good (two thumbs up). Who’s Song Ji Na? She’s the brilliant Korean writer that wrote Sandglass and my favorite Faith drama.

I’ve seen Ji Chang Wook previously in Smile Again – not really impressed with his acting there and am not really a fan of Park Min Young. While I’ve never watched any of Yoo Ji Tae dramas. BUT right now I’m really loving the three of them. They make a very nice trio.
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Refashion: Blouse To No Sew Infinity Scarf

Last year, I was heavily inspired by all the refashion folks out there. They make the world a better place I tell ya. I learned to give my clothing a second glance before adding to the landfill.

This post mark my second take on the refashion world (first refashion here). Never mind that I’m bad in sewing, I’m eager to learn. There are some refashion that doesn’t need sewing and it’s the case with this refashion.

Refashion - Blouse To No Sew Infinity Scarf
This is a nice sheer polka dots blouse. Unfortunately I don’t have the body to wear it. It’s a waste to throw away and I don’t think it’s appropriate for charity. I knew right away what I want to do with it – no sew infinity scarf!

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2015 Chester’s Blood Report

Last week Chester went to the vet to have his annual vaccine jab. Due to the incompetence of the vet which we usually visited (I can still hear the doctor’s voice telling me: I don’t want to stress myself. I’ll refer you to another doctor), this time we visited a new clinic at Bukit Tinggi. It’s a bit further from our home about 15 mins away.

Car Ride With Chester
To the vet… vroom vroom!
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