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Happy Chinese 猴 New Year 2016

Here’s wishing my friends and readers,

Happy Chinese New Year 2016

Healthy always, happy always!
Gonna stuff myself with cookies and more cookies. I hope you do too. 😜

Kong Hei Fatt Choy!


My Second R2D2

With a new Star Wars movie (2015), there bound to be Star Wars collector’s items. So when I heard there’s an R2D2 come bundle with Nestle breakfast cereal, I knew I gotta have it. And apparently you need to purchase 2 boxes of Nestle cereal 500g to get R2D2. That’s a lot of money (~RM28) and sweet-laden cereals (gave a box away eventually).

R2D2 Cereal & Milk Container
Bought 2 sets of cereals… total of 4 boxes (=2kgs!!!). One for me and one for sis.
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My Lego Shell 2015 Collection

Hey hey, Happy New Year 2016!

The Lego Shell collection came (1st Nov) and went (13th Dec) by creating such fanfare for Lego collectors around Malaysia late last year. I wasn’t aware of this (as I’m not the person who’s in charged of filling the gas tank). My sis knew about it but didn’t tell me. Thankfully I chanced upon it when I came back from Taiwan. So I got myself a Fiorano Shell Station. My sis wasn’t interested at that time but somehow, someway I did a Cobb’s inception on her (inception without sleep, only wakefulness. More power. Ha!). Very very soon (as in few hours later), she became a fanatic… like planning when her car needs petrol, waking really early to buy the latest model and calling Shell stations to buy past models.

Shell Lego 2015 Malaysia
Shown here are only 6 models. Shell released one more on 13th Dec with very limited quantity. It’s also RM40 for regular petrol but you get to purchase the model at RM13.90 instead.
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