Unkind Women, School 2015: Who Are You & Producer

Here are the three Korean dramas which I watched and liked. They were broadcasted from March to June this year.

Unkind Women
Unkind Women 착하지 않은 여자들

Unkind Women is about the ups and downs of 3 generations of women in a family; a grandmother, her two daughters and granddaughter.

I was excited at first about Song Jae Rim starring in this drama. His character pairing with Lee Ha Na were stimulating at first but once they are together, the chemistry quickly fizzles off. In the end, the ones who won my heart were Kang Soon Ok (the grandmother played by Kim Hye Ja) and Jang Mo Ran (the husband’s mistress played by Jang Mi Hee). Ohmygod what can I say? These two ladies are just so CUTE together. Those unkind words lashes out at each other and the dry humor they share… so wonderful & entertaining. I love ya you two. You hear me? Go on and watch this drama if not just for the sake of these two ahjummas.
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Oversea, Travel

Singapore Day 2, 3 & 4: Universal Studios & Goodbye

Let’s continue with my Singapore trip.

On day 2, we took the MRT to Chinatown in the morning. A less than 10 minutes walk brought us to Maxwell Road Food Centre for breakfast. Click the link to see what I ate.

After breakfast, we ride to HarbourFront MRT which connects to VivoCity. From VivoCity, we took the Sentosa Express S$4 to Sentosa Island. Our target? Universal Studios of course! Actually there are counters at VivoCity for you to buy Universal Studios tickets but they don’t sell senior ticket.

Queue for the tickets was fairly long at Universal Studios but they move quickly. Adult entrance ticket cost S$74 while senior only pay S$36.

Universal Studio Entrance Tickets @ Singapore
Our Universal Studios entrance tickets.

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Chitty Chatty

Oh My Oily Fart!

Recently I had the most earth-shattering encounter with food. My oh my, what an experience!

Read on…

I went to an organization where food was provided. On day 1, I had jam and butter with bread. For lunch and dinner I had fish. The fish was really good. It’s a thick rich white-fleshed fillet and super yummy. Kinda like cod fish but not.

Next morning, when I farted, with the additional of wind, out came some yellowish discharge. Initially I thought I have pooped in my pants and the yellow-orange thingy is diarrhea. About 10 minutes later, I farted again and yes, you guess it out came this yellow-orange thingy. I didn’t panic though. Remembering what I ate the night before, I figured the culprit must be the butter because that’s the only thing in yellow. Also thankfully I had menstrual pad with me.
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Singapore Day 1: First Coach, Five Stones Hostel & Marina Bay Sands

Long post ahead… as usual la.

Haven’t had an oversea holiday for over a year (my last trip was last year April to South Korea), so I decided to take an impromptu trip to Singapore. It was a 4 days 3 nights trip (4th-7th June 2015) with the family. I’ve been to Singapore 3 times before, so this is my 4th.

After I have planned and booked everything, I found out that period was a school holiday in Singapore and Malaysia, it was also sales period in Singapore AND Sea Games time. Oopss what have I done? What I fear most is traffic jam and also long queue. Wanna know what it’s like during this time in Singapore? Make sure you read my Singapore travelogue!

I choose to travel by bus to Singapore with First Coach. The best thing about First Coach is one of its departure point is from Subang Parade and Subang Parade is very near to Subang KTM station which is our transport to get to Subang Parade.

First Coach Bus To Singapore
Our ride to Singapore. Taken by dad’s Samsung hp.
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Misses Us

When I went to Singapore recently, I had Chester boarded in someone’s home. It’s not his first time there as Chester had stayed there few years ago when I went to Hong Kong (spending 6 nights there) and more recently when I went to Melaka (spent a night there).

Chester Pooing
Presenting some hot pancakes for the master at the boarding house. Hehehe
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