태양의 후예 Descendants Of The Sun (Korean Drama)

Descendants Of The Sun

Descendants Of The Sun is a military-medical romance-melodrama that shook the Korean drama world recently in terms of ratings and popularity.

So have you watch Descendants Of The Sun (DOTS)? Are you a fan of Descendants Of The Sun?

Before we move on, just so you know that this post contains spoiler. So please don’t continue on if you have yet to watch DOTS. At the bottom of this post, I have set up a poll and Q&A session for DOTS fanatic (and non-fanatic).
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Moorim, Splash Splash Love & One Sunny Day

Let’s talk Korean drama. I started 2016 with Moorim School and The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 (continuation from last year). Then Descendants Of The Sun came (I’ll blog about it when the show is/near over) and shook the earth with its popularity like no other Korean dramas has done before in this modern digital era where high ratings are almost impossible to achieve. Along the way I sneaked in two very short dramas. Here are my views on them:

Moorim School
Moorim School: Saga of the Brave 무림학교

Moorim is a school that teaches you about humanity and also fighting skills (they looked like a bunch of gangster when they fight hahaha). Well, that’s what I deduced after completing this drama. Yup, I completed it… with willing heart. 🙂 Lots of people complained about Moorim; storyline and the actors. Honestly, I find the story to be quite compelling. I learned some life lessons from this drama. As for the actors, they were mostly green and acting flaws were aplenty. I wasn’t really put-off by it. Take that as a learning curve my dear Moorim School’s casts. However, Lee Hyun Woo as a sunbae, your acting were quite lackluster. Please do better in your next drama.
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Living Palette Warehouse Sale

Last week I went to the Living Palette warehouse sale where Luminarc, Arcuisine and Sigg products were on offer. I was so pumped because I seldom go to warehouse sale nowadays. 💪 Another wonderful thing was there were no crowds. Yay for me. Although I do wonder why.

Living Palette Warehouse Sale
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Chitty Chatty

Tissue & pH Strips

Tissue issue:

During a recent steamboat dinner, mom has just wiped her face with tissue paper (warm evening plus steamboat mah). She turns to me and asked:

Mom: My face got tissue?

After checking on her face, something lit up! 💡

Me: Mi, you wanna know your face got tissue or not right?

Mom: Yes.
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