Jeonju + Seoul Day 8: Stay In GAM, Hongdae & Ewha Womans University

August 2, 2014
Hongdae @ Seoul, South Korea

Today morning on day 8 we will be travelling by train to Seoul. Seoul will be our last destination before we fly back to Malaysia. Mr Lee who is our friendly Buykyungdang Hanok Guesthouse host has booked a taxi for us the previous day. The taxi arrived on time and soon we find ourself at […]

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조선 총잡이 Joseon Gunman (Korean Drama)

July 28, 2014
Joseon Gunman

Joseon Gunman or Joseon Chongjabi 조선 총잡이 is the kind of drama anyone would love. Masked, double identity hero… You get what I mean? I came into this drama with great interest and it surely did not disappoint so far (I’m at episode 10 as I’m writing this). Because I was so hooked with this […]

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Jeonju Day 7: Jeondong Catholic Cathedral, Pungnamun & Nambu Market

July 24, 2014
Jeondong Catholic Cathedral @ Jeonju, South Korea

There’s not much to do on day 7 since basically our Jeonju trip is kinda free and easy. We woke up late and depart to our breakfast place at 10am. Hehe Check out our kongnamul gukbap breakfast at Waengi. Cute ain’t it? This is rice and sweet potato crackers. It’s not super sweet. A lil’ […]

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Asos Bag & Cath Kidston Travel Kit

July 18, 2014
ASOS Satchel with Cross Metal Keepers

When Asos had their summer sale recently, I took the opportunity to check out what they have to offer. I sincerely have not given up on Asos yet after my first purchase let down for I’m loving my studded duffle bag tremendously albeit its low quality material. The parcel arrived today after exactly 2 weeks […]

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Busan + Jeonju Day 6: Bukyungdang Hanok Guesthouse, Jeonju Hanok Village Scenic Walk & Omokdae

July 14, 2014
View of Jeonju Hanok Village @ Jeonju, South Korea

Beware extra long post… After accomplishing our cherry blossom mission at Jinhae and visiting some interesting places in Busan, it’s now time we head to another location. This morning we are going to Jeonju. From my investigation before this trip, I found out you can take bus at Busan Central Bus Terminal to Jeonju. However […]

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Busan Day 5: Jagalchi Market, Gukje Market & Dinner at Lotteria (Part 2)

July 4, 2014
Seafood @ Jagalchi Market, Busan, South Korea

Note: I repaired my almost 5 years old laptop. Apparently the culprit is the chipset. Cost me RM310. At least that’s better than getting a new laptop. So after coming back by bus from Jinhae’s cherry blossom viewing, we proceed right away to Jagalchi Market in Busan. Jagalchi Market (자갈치시장) is a famous seafood market […]

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Busan + Jinhae Day 5: Cherry Blossom at Yeojwa Stream & Gyeonghwa Station (Part 1)

June 21, 2014
Cherry Blossom at Gyeonghwa Station @ Jinhae, South Korea

Actually I have no plan of visiting Busan. The only reason I made a sleep-over in Busan is because I wanted to visit Jinhae cherry blossom. Jinhae is about 1 hour by bus from Busan. However after having visited some of Busan tourist spots the previous day and today, I kinda fall in love with […]

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Chester’s Red & Bluish Eyes

June 13, 2014
Cheeky Chester

Chester’s eyes, the white part became red few months ago but it got better. Recently the redness came back. When he has red eyes, there will be mucus and crust formed. Also few months ago I also noticed Chester’s eyes is kinda bluish. Initially I thought it’s because of light reflection but I keep seeing […]

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