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Year Of Rooster 2017 @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

Happy Chinese kok kok kok New Year!

I’m not too late in wishing you all, right? Fact is I didn’t have CNY mood a week ago. But today, I’m super excited. Maybe because we’re celebrating Jade Emperor’s birthday midnight tonight and I will get to eat tonnes of angku kueh. Hehe

I visited the century old Kuan Yin temple in Klang today. Here are some photos which I took at the temple:

Incense Sticks @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Incense sticks or joss sticks. When you have extra stick(s), put it here. I never understand why the temple never provide the exact number of sticks. There’s always extra one or two. Hmm…
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Revisited: Kuan Yin Temple, Setapak

I visited Kuan Yin Temple at Setapak in KL with my family on 3rd day of Chinese New Year this year. This time my grandma tagged along. *happy* I also had my DSLR with me. I snapped some photos of the temple surrounding while my mom and grandma were busy talking with the monk. Check ’em out below. I also did a photography session on this temple three years ago. Feel free to check it out here.

Mandarin Orange Tree
A pair of mandarin orange trees at the temple entrance. Don’t be wowed by the large oranges. They don’t belong to the trees. Haha
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Kuan Yin Temple, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur

I’ve been to Kuan Yin Teng (temple) in Setapak for many years and this is the first time during CNY that I brought my camera along. This temple is unique in such a way that it is situated in one of the shop-houses along Jalan Pahang. Renovated though. Parking is quite difficult during God festivities since it’s located in a very busy main road. I have include a parking tip at the bottom of this page.

Ok, let’s start with some CNY decorations…

Lime Tree
A must: Lime tree (kat).

Pineapple = ong lai (good luck).
There were a few pots of them.

Coil Incense
Coil incense (photoshopped).

Large Censer (Incense Burner)
A large censer (incense burner).

Beautiful bonsai plant near a mini waterfall.

Red Lanterns
Red lanterns. Quite a windy day.
Would be very pretty at night… all light up.

When I look at this, it reminds me of wine.

Located above the mini waterfall.
Funnily I don’t plan to show you the mini waterfall! Haha

Koi Fish
Koi fishes (photoshopped).

Red Lanterns
More lanterns.
On the right is the fame Jalan Pahang; a road I took every weekend few years back.

Water Lily
Water lily (not to be confused with lotus ya).

Water Lily
Love it!
I’m tempted to plant this at home but afraid of mosquitoes (stagnant water).

Water Lily Bud
Water lily bud. Looks so comforting to me.

Water Lily Seed Pods
Water lily seed pods. Alien-like huh?

Prayers' Candles
Just behind the large censer are these rows of candles left by devotees.

Prayers' Candles
Black & white.
Most of them are flameless. Wind the culprit.

Prayers' Candles
I like this one (photoshopped).

Prayers' Candles
And this one too (photoshopped).

I find it funny that I might like a particular photo now but when I look back at it after sometime I don’t find it nice anymore. Horrendous more like it. In my mind: *what was I thinking putting that photo up* LOL

Grandfather Clock & A Pot Of Bamboo Plant
A grandfather clock and a pot of bamboos.

Chinese Antique Chairs
Some antique furniture.

Chinese Antique Chairs
Mom wanted to get something like this for our home but we all protest her idea.
Although I like wood furniture, design and the likes, I will choose a comfy sofa over this.

Chinese Antique Chairs
My favorite photo of the lot.
Photoshopped of course!

All these were taken while mom was talking to a lady monk.


View Kuan Yin Temple (Setapak) in a larger map

From Jalan Tun Razak direction:
Once you pass the vacant Kompleks Galleria, keep on the left lane.
When you come to a row of shop houses (some 350m from Kompleks Galleria), be on the look out for the temple (easily spotted with its green roofs). There’s a road just before the temple. Turn left into this road (Jalan Langgak Bukit). Park anywhere on the road side. Enter temple through the side door (also) at Jalan Langgak Bukit.

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2012 Chinese New Year Decorations @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

Happy Chinese New Year!

I went to Kuan Yin Temple in Klang few days back. This temple is usually very pack but because it was dinner time, we had no problem finding parking (wohoo). We arrived to the sound of the monks praying, their voices heard through the loudspeakers. It was also a very windy evening. Everyone had difficult time lighting the candles (what a challenge!) and then in the end the wind blew them off (all of it… haha).

Let’s check out some of the Chinese New Year decoration in Kuan Yin Temple, Klang.

Large lantern at the entrance to the main temple.
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Backstage @ Chinese Opera In Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

Ever since I was a toddler, I dream that someday I will be able to step into the backstage of a Chinese Opera.

Guess what?

My dream was fulfilled on the eve night of Kuan Yin’s birthday. I still can’t believe I ACTUALLY climbed the narrow rusty ladder into a world filled with culture richness & ‘exotic-ness’. Today when I ask myself did I really visit the Chinese Opera backstage? it is still hard to believe. Have to punch pinch myself many times. Haha

This is my 5 minutes dream journey… enjoy

I was happily clicking away with my camera at the Chinese Opera performance in Kuan Yin Temple, Klang when I saw an opening at the side of the stage. I decided to go near it and was contented that I’m able to shoot some backstage happenings from where I stood. Like this…

Chinese Opera Actress Coloring Her Brow @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
A beautiful opera lady busy making up. She didn’t even look at me.

Chinese Opera Actress Applying Lipstick @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
A close-up shot. Lovely ya.

Then I tried to get some other shots at the backstage from another angle. My mom who is with me told me that a man ‘scary’ guy is gesturing me to go up. I put my camera down and look at him. “Where got?” (he’s just standing there) Then I start clicking away again. “There, there he’s asking you to come up.” This time I saw the man signaling me to go up, clearing the way for me too.

Chinese Opera Performer Waiting Their Turn @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
This is the man (in red+yellow) that invited me to their vivid & beautiful world. Thank You So Much!

He looked scary right? I tried to avoid eye contact with him at all course. This photo also I selamba took one. Haha

I have a few seconds decision. To go up or not go up. Of course I said yes. I nearly said no. Wuahahaha

Backstage @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
So colorful & vivid.

If you look carefully, you can see a man taking picture as well. I’ve no idea who he is. We just mind our own business. Haha

Making Up @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Busy helping colleague. Amazing makeup.

Chinese Opera Backstage @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Pretty ladies.

Relaxing @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Yes still have time to relax.

Everyone is minding their own business. Except…

Heng Tai @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
… except this 2 guys who happily pose for me. Picture is blur. Arggh!

Chinese Opera Making Up @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Afraid me standing there will disturb her. So I took a quick shot. Came out blur.

Chinese Opera Make Up Kit @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
I thought their make up kit is kick a$$.

See there’s fan, bulb & even an electric socket and switch!

Chinese Opera Make Up Kit @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Very ancient looking ya. I like!

Lovely Chinese Opera Actresses @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Center of attention!

Lovely Chinese Opera @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Can’t stop taking her picture. Haha

Chinese Opera Performers Waiting Their Turn @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
My mom who went up with me thinks this light blue guy is scary.

I think he’s cute & chubby wor. Haha Mom didn’t walk around. She stood near the ladder. I guess preparing to run? The chubby guy is standing about 1 meter plus from her.

Notice the black costume guy? Well he’s the one I talked to asking where they’re from. (Thinking… hey I can be a photojournalist kekeke)

In Hokkien, “Le lang na toh lo lai eh?” (where did you guys come from?)

And he answered me “Tai kuo” (amazed that he can hear me and I can hear him because the place was so noisy)

Since my Mandarin is so ‘outta pulu’ plus I was too bewildered to be there, I can’t depict what tai kuo means. So I went and ask my mom. Ohh Thailand.

Then mom asked me “Okay liao?” and she whispered to me she’s afraid of that light blue guy (that’s how I know). So I said “Ok lo”.

And then we climbed down and everything looks normal again.

So that’s my 5 mins Chinese opera’s backstage journey. Very short but still it was an experience I will not forget. There isn’t any scary moment but bewilderment & amazement. It’s indeed a different world in the backstage of a Chinese Opera.

Will I do it again if I have the chance? You bet. My interview hasn’t finish oi!!! ~ from the so-called ‘angan-angan’ photojournalist.

Chinese Opera Music Instrument @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
Btw here’s a view on the music instruments used in this Chinese Opera. There’s actually another musician at the other side (right) of the stage. But I didn’t know that until after I came down.

Chinese Opera Music Instrument @ Kuan Yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple)
From backstage, the view is limited. Aiyar. Can you guess what the lady on the right is doing? Is it a music instrument?

I didn’t take a look in that baby cot but I guess a child? Hahahaha