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‘Artificial’ LED Trees (Day Shoot) @ I-City, Shah Alam

Nine months after my first visit, I head to I-City, Shah Alam again. So, what have changed? Most of the ‘old’ decorations are still there and many new ones have been erected. The place has been expanded and now there are 2 ways to enter/exit I-City itself. There are also 2 ways to get into I-City (refer below for detailed map). Colorful LED trees were ‘planted’ along the routes making I-City ‘truly’ a lights wonderland at night.

During day time, you’ll come to realize all you see is artificial. Save for some ‘real’ flowers, this place feels like a ‘dead’ land. Sometimes it is an eyesore at night ‘too’. Why do they promote artificiality? Only the authority can answer that. It’s weird by the way. Any country can do this but only us ‘really’ go down to doing it. LOL

Anyway I was there for ‘day’ shooting that early October. For photographers, this place spells ‘let’s get creative’. Hehehe

LED Tree @ I-City, Shah Alam
I love this one a lot.

LED Trees On The Background @ I-City, Shah Alam
Some lovely white flowers with blurred LED trees on the background.

Autumn LED Leaves @ I-City, Shah Alam
I love the flare & bokeh in this picture. Continue Reading


Why I Love Photoshop Actions

I’m feeling kinda dull with my photographs lately. They lack so many things. Sharpness and composition particularly. I’m not very happy with my Australia photos at all. They’re not sharp. Argghh! I hate my kit lens because it’s heavy and not a fast lens. I’m thinking of just taking the 50mm lens for my next trip. Will I have difficulty manning this lens? I guess I’ll give it a try. I will have to move a lot and with the tight point of view (50mm lens), shooting a room (e.g.) will be difficult. Perhaps I shall get another fast prime lens.

What say you? Or do you have any good recommendation for me? I just wonder how ATFT did it? According to his portfolio he uses only 50mm f/1.4 lens.

Anyway what I wanna say is whatever I lack in my photography skill, Photoshop Actions helps me to achieve some sort of perfection (at least for my eyes). Hahaha

Wild Weeds
My sis initial reaction when I showed her this picture: HAH?
Me asked why HAH. She said where is your focus?
I don’t care. I like this picture.

Palm Leaves
Sis reaction: Not nice.
Me asked why. Sis said not sharp. I said coz wind blowing.
I like the way the leaves twist anyway.

Sis reaction: I like!
Me asked why. Sis said she loves the color.
It’s not sharp and got plenty of noises wor.
Sis said she likes the color. Doesn’t matter.

p/s: All photos above uses PS actions: define, sharpened & boost

Chitty Chatty

Tuesday Ramblings

Where do I start?

Okay American Idol first. What do you think of Season 9 AI? I think it is pretty boring. Don’t you think so? The only time I get excited is when Lee DeWyze sings. At least he brings a little something to the table. Crystal Bowersox? Besides having a so-so voice, it’s been pretty bland week after week (how come Simon didn’t notice this fact? Coz he’s leaving that’s why. He doesn’t care anymore. Why would he?). For this, Lee deserves to be the winner. LOL

Seems that my photography skills is getting worse. Hahaha I’m not satisfied with the Jedi Dog photosA Golden’s Tail photos and some from my Siem Reap travels. Heck, I’m not even satisfied with my food photos @ Messy Witchen. Need to learn and practice practice practice MORE! Hehe My love for natural light is uncontested. But whatudo in the house? Dark only.

Slurpee 7-11
This is not bad ya?
(Uhh I’m such a perfectionist!)

If you check my blog’s archives, the number of published post per month has decreased since the end of the last year. Fact is I’m lost for words and busy (stupid excuse?). I better start scribble some redundant/mou lei tau posts. Haha

Now what else?

Oh yeah. I’m thinking of buying a WordPress theme that will cost a lot of money. Do I want to proceed with this? Still thinking about it after several weeks. It has lots of pros (like I can finally customize a theme easily, brings more traffic, good SEO, etc) and so far I can think of only 1 bad thing about it (need to learn ‘hook’ ??).

Ok more?

World Cup is coming! Who are you rooting for? I think I’ll stick with Germany?!? No fever yet. Talking about fever, my F1 interest is slowly dwindling down the drain. Ferrari what happened? Still third best? fourth best?

Okie, time to bring my dog to potty.