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My 2016

Periwinkles & Pandan

2016 have been good to me.

Mmm let me rephrase it: I work hard to make 2016 a good year to live in. At the end of the day, I think I succeeded.

I’m calmer, more positive and have rebounded with new energy. Not all 365 days are bed of roses and I try not to let negativity affect me too badly or deeply. Sometimes it does affect me more than I could handle (I’m only human) and giving myself a pep talk is the best way to bounce back. I’m grateful for all the ups and downs I experienced this year. From it, I learned a lot.
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1 Big Happy Family

My 2014

Girl, I’m so proud of you.
You slowed down the time. Stopping and smelling the roses is fun right?


Yes! A happier year compared to 2013. *I must be doing something right!*
My head is still spiraling with negative thoughts… but at least they are far lesser compared to 2013. I really need to spend more time with positive people!!!
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1 Big Happy Family

My 2013

Amy, you’re doing good this year. So carry on.
Some little roadblocks won’t hurt because you know what to do now. You’re growing more and more!

Chester in B&W

I’m excited to say that my 2013 fair better than 2012. One major event happened to me this year with me being hospitalized for the first time in my life! That show how unexpected life can be. Tell you what, I felt like I was doing my time in jail. 5 long nights in the jail was difficult time. I couldn’t sleep and I lost lots of weight. It’s not that I become more ill. I guess home sickness and the desire to be with my loved ones make it worst.
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1 Big Happy Family

My 2012

First thing first, give myself a BIG pat on the back.
Amy, you’re doing alright so far. So keep moving forward.

My 2012 is indeed better than 2011. I’m much healthier and stronger (spiritually and physically). 2012 is a year which I challenged through a couple of stormy events. They are my Achilles’ heels which were developed unconsciously over the years. Overcoming ‘that’ biggest fear is the highlight of my 2012. Sorry can’t say what it is. And although ‘that’ fear might come again one day, I know I am ready for it. Acceptance.

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