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1 Big Happy Family

1 Big Happy Family

My 2017


How’s my 2017?

I think it was a neutral year for me. Lots of ups, and also lots of downs. And this is what life is all about. 😏 All the hardships and fun days are priceless lessons, especially failures. This year, I spent a large bulk of my time learning who I really am, and why I am the way I am.

When I was editing my old blog posts (due to Photobucket and also changing this blog to a secured site), I found that I talked bad and curse a lot of things in life. I was full of complain and negativity. I won’t delete those posts, instead it will be set as reminders of who I was and how I improve from here on. I would like to apologize to everyone and everything. I’m so sorry for what I did or said to all of you. Now, allow me to love all of you! ❤️
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1 Big Happy Family

My 2016

Periwinkles & Pandan

2016 have been good to me.

Mmm let me rephrase it: I work hard to make 2016 a good year to live in. At the end of the day, I think I succeeded.

I’m calmer, more positive and have rebounded with new energy. Not all 365 days are bed of roses and I try not to let negativity affect me too badly or deeply. Sometimes it does affect me more than I could handle (I’m only human) and giving myself a pep talk is the best way to bounce back. I’m grateful for all the ups and downs I experienced this year. From it, I learned a lot.
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1 Big Happy Family, Photography

Loved Hands 3

I started this Loved Hands series 5 years ago. It’s about photographing the hands of my loved ones while travelling in the car. You can check out the first part and second part if you’re curious.

Dad. My worse nightmare is coming true. His nagging is more serious than my grandma now. Still a smoker and drinker. Sigh. If only he could stop doing both of that.
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