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Will I Reach The Summit?

Right about 20 days from now, I would be going to the most adventurous trip of my life, the trip which I dubbed as the toughest journey of all because it requires strength, determination and strong heart. I’ve been questioning myself over and over again. I have so many worries. The main question would remain on my head until I can proof that I could do it. Will I be able to reach the peak famously known as Low’s Peak?

I’m climbing Mount Kinabalu! Auwwwwwwwwwww!

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I’m Officially A Backpacker

Yipee oh yeah yeah! Yipeedidu deh yeah yeah!

I don’t considered myself as a backpacker even though I’ve tried once or twice doing the backpacking way when travelling. Because something is amiss.

And the reason I’m so happy now is because I’ve found bought the missing link. It’s a bag. A bag that recognize you as a backpacker. I’m the proud owner of a brand new Futura 38 AC Deuter backpack!

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Rock Climbing @ Camp5

Last Saturday I had my first taste of rock climbing with sis, Dreamcatcher and Dreamcatcher’s sis (as camera lady) at Camp5. We choose ‘Try Climbing’ course at RM45 pax (inclusive of all gear and entrance fee). This is a 1 hour session designed for people like us-first timer to have a first taste of climbing before enrolling in an instructional course.

After having equipped ourself with harness, rock climbing shoes and helmet, our instructor, Noel brought us to the bouldering section. Bouldering is basically climbing on a big rock/boulder without any rope attached to you. Don’t worry, usually you don’t climb very high up and if you fall, you will land on a large mattress/pad and a spotter(a person standing on the ground to prevent the climber from landing badly) is usually assigned to guide the fallen climber’s body toward the mattress.

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PJ Half Marathon 2006

Hiya! I’m back from my short break and I’m still dead tired. Nevertheless blogging will resume. Yipppe! Ohh btw, I’m on leave today. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ My legs and abdomens are killing me fast… helpppp

Sister and me woke up around 4.45am on a Sunday morning. Why? Remember I told you guys that we’re going for the PJ Half Marathon run? So here we are, with our running numbers pinned at the front and back of our ‘PJ Half Marathon 2006’ tee. Yes I have no problem getting up because I slept the whole of my Saturday. Genius hor? Actually half marathon is a 21km run. So in actual we are running ‘quarter marathon’ only.

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