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Stories about my angel golden retriever, Chester.
The fun, the agony and the best of the time we have!

Here are some bits & pieces about my dear angel Chester:

Chester was a cheeky bum and a couch potato. Treasure hunt and hide and seek were 2 of his favorite games. He used to love football too and taunted passerby especially those on 2 wheelers (learned from Zebra) but had grown out of it as the years pass. He was a shy, gentle and timid guy at heart. He learned very quickly and understood over 50 commands. Food was his life!

His favorite pastimes were sleeping, nibbling at his teddy or blanket, walking with his two owners and visiting his girlfriends (both human and furry ones). He loved tummy and back rub, water (=bath + ice) and treats. His nicknames were che-cheh, che, chez, keke keke, bear bear, fei chu yoke (fatty pork), siu yoke (roasted pig), oppa (brother/오빠), ajeoshi (uncle/아저씨), eongdong-i (butt/엉덩이) and mister. He was some sort of a multilingual dog. He understood some English, Hokkien and Korean. Funny I never spoke to him Cantonese. His intelligence sometimes surprises me until the day he passed. He learned commands REAL fast and can catch what you were doing even before the action begins. He was really special and I loved him to bits. Muaks XOX


13 Years Old & One Year Anniversary

Happy Birthday, eongdong-i 내사랑 엉덩이! 💗
Chester would have been 13 years old today.


And the hardest part is… remembering the day he parted with us a day later… a year ago.

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The Month After October 2015

The past October had been full of sadness, rage and important lessons learned. The rage and lesson parts… I will blog about it one day I’ve decided not to blog about it. Just so you know it has something to do with the vets at that animal hospital. I’ve come to terms with unfairness in life and the fact that I can’t bring Chester back. I believe in karma though.

I no longer cry like a mad lady but whenever I think about him, tears still form a little. At least, they no longer flow down my cheeks. I sleep better now. The recent Taiwan trip helped a lot.

This Sunday will mark 6 weeks since Chester’s passing. I no longer expect to see him in every corners of the house (a habit instill for the past 12 years). But sometimes I thought I heard his footsteps or breathing. If only I can hug him one more time… miss ya always, buddy.

Anyway, it’s good to back blogging. 🙂

p/s: Writing this made me cry again.


The Last Goodbye

Note: Some photos and/or words in this post may be disturbing to you. Please skip this post if you don’t want to see it.

When I decided to cremate Chester’s remains, I’ve no idea what to do with his ashes. I spent quite some times asking opinion from friend and memorial service experts, Chinese tradition expert and also get ideas from the internet. Some keep the urn in the house, some spread the ashes on the road where they had their daily walks, some place the ashes in the soil and planted a tree or flowers, some scatter the ashes in the sea and some put the urn in a pet memorial park.

Initially, I plan to keep Chester’s urn in the house. Then I thought I would love to plant some flowers together with the ashes and spread some on our daily walking paths. My mom were against all this (Chinese tradition). The idea of scattering the ashes in the sea was in my mind too because I’ve only brought Chester to the sea once when he was quite young. He had one of the best day in the sea… he was a natural swimmer. I had wanted to bring him swimming either in the sea or swimming pool since that day and my dream never materialized.

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