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Oh My Oily Fart!

Recently I had the most earth-shattering encounter with food. My oh my, what an experience!

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I went to an organization where food was provided. On day 1, I had jam and butter with bread. For lunch and dinner I had fish. The fish was really good. It’s a thick rich white-fleshed fillet and super yummy. Kinda like cod fish but not.

Next morning, when I farted, with the additional of wind, out came some yellowish discharge. Initially I thought I have pooped in my pants and the yellow-orange thingy is diarrhea. About 10 minutes later, I farted again and yes, you guess it out came this yellow-orange thingy. I didn’t panic though. Remembering what I ate the night before, I figured the culprit must be the butter because that’s the only thing in yellow. Also thankfully I had menstrual pad with me.

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Chitty Chatty

‘Tis Is The Season To Be Sick

So yeah I was ill for a couple of days. Knew it was coming ever since CNY and every time I did wonderfully by chasing the sick bug away. Well until one fine day I got cornered! &#^[email protected]!!! Sigh…

I have fever, flu, blocked nose, cough, phlegm and sore throat. The typical ordeal.

To be precised my whole family were and some are still sick (e.g. me and mom). My sister was the first to fell ill then my dad, mom and finally me. This is the first in history the whole family got sick together. Because of that Chester has been practically ignored. I haven’t cuddle him for like ages. I hope he doesn’t catch any of our sick bug.

These are only some of our medicine. Horrifying right? Hahaha

It came to a point that my urine smell of medicine for few days. Yucky!

p/s: I’ve always wonder… does dog ever get fever?

Chitty Chatty

Dulux, Are You Kidding Me?

I’m in the midst of painting my bedroom and work room before Chinese New Year come. Mom’s nagging was the reason. Haha The last time I had my rooms painted were way back in secondary school days which was more than a decade ago.

It took me and sis (yup just the two of us) 3 days (2 weekends) to finished painting our bedroom.
Day 1 – patch up holes and cracks + paint ceiling (2 coats)
Day 2 – paint ceiling (3rd coats) + paint 2 walls (2 coats)
Day 3 – paint remaining 2 walls (2 coats)

Our muscles aches like crazily on day 1 and the next day. It reminds me of the days when I was really sick. Luckily we felt okay for the rest of the painting days. Guess our muscles have toughen up.

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