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Dentist Visit

I visited the dentist last Friday!

It was a year and half ago when I had my first tooth extraction. I promised myself to go for dental checkup a year later but I’ve been delaying it for an extra half year because I thought I need another extraction for this one other tooth (which decayed very badly but has been filled around the same period as my first tooth extraction).

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Chitty Chatty

Missy Nurse, WAKE UP!!!

Few days back I went to the clinic for stomach discomfort. It was quite a funny and yet irritating moment at the dispensary. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the end.

Here’s a re-constructed conversation between me and the nurse when she was handing me my medication:

“Gas… 1 day twice, for digestion… 1 day twice, fever medicine take if necessary, diarrhea… take if necessary…”

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Chitty Chatty

Cruelty On Dogs Right From My Doorstep

Sit! Sit! SIT!! SIT!! SIT!! SITTT!!! (saying repeatedly non-stop)

That’s what I hear coming from my neighbor sometimes. He’s teaching his 2 dogs to sit (of course). Few seconds later I would hear the dogs yelping. And a big needle would pierce my heart.

Woof woof wooof woooof x 10

Another neighbor’s dog is barking because he sees stranger or familiar faces (like me & Chester) outside.

Few moments later, “PIAKKKKK” and sounds of yelping can be heard. Then all is quiet. Another big needle pierce my heart.

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Ramadhan Bazaar: That Famous Penang Popiah Stall @ SS14, Petaling Jaya

How’s your Merdeka celebration? Mine came and went just like an ordinary holiday. Sudah tak ada semangat. I didn’t even celebrate my birthday. Bought a cake that stayed unmove in the fridge. LOL

Ok let’s move on to the main agenda… Ramadhan Bazaar!

For years we wanted to try this famous Penang Popiah stall at SS14 Ramadhan Bazaar. And for years it has eluded us until last Saturday. The reason was because the queue was always very looooooooooooooooooooong and very slow moving (worse than tortoise speed).

I was at Digital Mall to get my ‘reserved’ Toshiba SDHC 16GB card from All It Hypermarket. It was around 3.20pm. I thought I will surely miss the Ramadhan Bazaar there since it’s too early?! But whaddya know? Many stalls were just setting up and some are already busy selling buka puasa juadah.

And then we saw it. The Penang popiah stall!

The queue is already long in my standard but my mom insisted on queuing.
We’re like behind 14 to 15 people.

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Chester, Chitty Chatty

Hi? Oh Hii! Remember Me?

Hello peeps!!! It has been 18 days since I last blogged here. Quite a feat actually. Haha

I’m not even half way done with my first Siem Reap travelogue post (too cheong hei liao). Gee I know I’ve been busy but I did have some spare time too. And what did I do with my spare time? Playing Poker, tending my farm and cafe and killing mafias! So for now why don’t you go visit my food blog. Hehe FYI, food post is easier to write than travelogue… this is a fact!

Self reminder: Don’t be so cheong hei. Write simpler travel post.

It’s not only the blog I ignore… Chester too! πŸ™

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