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Baked Porky Popps

So I was at the S.Wine section of Ben’s Independent Grocer the other day and saw this interesting looking junk food which caught my eyes right away:

It’s called Baked Porky Popps. Basically it’s fried pork rinds (pork chicharron). A packet cost RM7.90 (if I’m not mistaken) which is expensive in my book for this mere size. But because this ‘dog’ is so curious, she decided to get both flavours; classic vinegar and hot and spicy to try out.

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Chocolate Bliss

I am in a bliss mode right now. My freezer is fully loaded with chocolate! Mmmm Mm…

Bought a box of Godiva to try out during my recent trip to HK. Was checking out Lindt (my fav) at HK International Airport but then decided to grab a Godiva since I’ve been eying this brand of chocolate for the past so many years. That has to be my most expensive chocolate purchase yet.

Love the golden box.

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Chitty Chatty, Food

Ramadhan Bazaar: That Famous Penang Popiah Stall @ SS14, Petaling Jaya

How’s your Merdeka celebration? Mine came and went just like an ordinary holiday. Sudah tak ada semangat. I didn’t even celebrate my birthday. Bought a cake that stayed unmove in the fridge. LOL

Ok let’s move on to the main agenda… Ramadhan Bazaar!

For years we wanted to try this famous Penang Popiah stall at SS14 Ramadhan Bazaar. And for years it has eluded us until last Saturday. The reason was because the queue was always very looooooooooooooooooooong and very slow moving (worse than tortoise speed).

I was at Digital Mall to get my ‘reserved’ Toshiba SDHC 16GB card from All It Hypermarket. It was around 3.20pm. I thought I will surely miss the Ramadhan Bazaar there since it’s too early?! But whaddya know? Many stalls were just setting up and some are already busy selling buka puasa juadah.

And then we saw it. The Penang popiah stall!

The queue is already long in my standard but my mom insisted on queuing.
We’re like behind 14 to 15 people.

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First Tiramisu Attempt… Failed :P

I have no more reason to postpone making tiramisu because the Savoiardi (Lady fingers) packet I bought long time ago is expiring end of this month. Hehe

So over the weekend, I made my first tiramisu following the recipe from the Savoiardi packet itself.

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