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Healthy Breakfast Juices

Three weeks ago I started drinking juice for breakfast. No more bread, Nestum and Milo which was my usual go to breakfast meal on working days and Chinese hot meal on weekends. For three weeks now, I have juices daily. Yup that’s right – 7 days a week and I don’t find it troublesome to cut up the fruits and veggies and then blend the juice. I need about 10-15mins every morning to prepare the juice and because of that I wake up 10-15mins earlier every day.

Ingredients I’ve used to date: Banana, green apples, carrot, cucumber, plum, honeydew, watermelon, dragonfruit, strawberry, avocado, orange, celery, tomatoes, mulberry, nuts and chia seeds. Note to self: need to incorporate more veggies.
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Baked Porky Popps

So I was at the S.Wine section of Ben’s Independent Grocer the other day and saw this interesting looking junk food which caught my eyes right away:

It’s called Baked Porky Popps. Basically it’s fried pork rinds (pork chicharron). A packet cost RM7.90 (if I’m not mistaken) which is expensive in my book for this mere size. But because this ‘dog’ is so curious, she decided to get both flavours; classic vinegar and hot and spicy to try out.
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Failed: Jamie Oliver’s Pork Chops Recipe

What’s up with me posting a food related stuff here instead at Messy Witchen?
Let me tell you my story…

I have not touched Jamie Oliver’s cookbook for the longest time. Decided to pick a simple pork chop recipe from The Naked Chef Takes Off cookbook. But whatdyaknow? My pork chop dish was a failure. It was too lemony and I overcooked the pork chops. Ohh it was so difficult to chew. LOL. Also the pork chops color is a dull light brown. Not appetizing at all. I don’t think I will ever attempt this recipe again because I didn’t really like the overall taste. Truthfully I’ve never had any success with his recipes. I wonder why? Am I that bad a cook?

Anyway although the dish went kaput, the photos I took during the making and final outcome weren’t bad at all (based on my taste la kekeke). So I thought why not post those failed recipes photos here (in order not to waste my effort)… recipes that I don’t plan to try again.
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Chocolate Bliss

I am in a bliss mode right now. My freezer is fully loaded with chocolate! Mmmm Mm…

Bought a box of Godiva to try out during my recent trip to HK. Was checking out Lindt (my fav) at HK International Airport but then decided to grab a Godiva since I’ve been eying this brand of chocolate for the past so many years. That has to be my most expensive chocolate purchase yet.

Love the golden box.
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Chitty Chatty, Food

Chinese New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner 2011

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Kong Hei Fatt Choy!!!

I hope everyone is with your loved ones right now, enjoying good food and laughter.

Here’s a peek at our New Year’s Eve Reunion Dinner dishes for this year:

My sis cooked the 3 seasons. My dad cooked the rest except for the roasted pork and roasted duck which we bought from shop. I take no part in all these. Only eat eat eat! Haha

I think quite a lot of you had steamboat for reunion dinner right? Perhaps I will suggest this to my dad next year. It’s easier to prepare and cook. My dad cooked from morning till evening… really hard work!