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Vivekananda Ashrama @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

I have 2 wishes whenever I step into Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur; to explore the colorful valley of Little India and to stand right in front of the Vivekananda statue located at Jalan Tun Sambanthan. I remember reading about Vivekananda School in history book during schooling therefore the name Vivekananda has always fascinated me.

On this particular evening in June, I decided to have 1 1/4 of my wishes realized. Armed with a 50mm lens (which is a bad choice actually), I finally stepped in front of Vivekananda Ashrama. I guess passerby must have think I’m a nutcase. Why is this lady taking photos of an old building? Ahh just ignore them. 🙂

Vivekenanda ashrama/ashram. Built in 1904.
That’s 107 years old.

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Chester, Photography


I took these photos of Chester in early Feb. I was kneeling very low (lower than Chester) to get some near shots of him. The actual photos were kinda boring and out of focus. So I played with them in photoshop actions.

Hold your breath. Here goes…

Black N Whitish with a touch of rosy. Deliciousness.

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Cute Puppy At Flower Nursery

Remember my post last year about Chinese New Year flowers? Well, this year I went to the same nursery again. My mom wanted to get a new vase and some soils. And I wanted to get some flower plants to beautify the side of our home. 🙂

I didn’t take any photos of the flowers though as they were same as last year’s ones. Instead I spent my time snapping this cutie pie:

First he came sniffing at my Crocs. Then he licks my lil’ last toe through the Crocs’ hole. Hahaha So cute and ticklish!!!

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‘Artificial’ LED Trees (Day Shoot) @ I-City, Shah Alam

Nine months after my first visit, I head to I-City, Shah Alam again. So, what have changed? Most of the ‘old’ decorations are still there and many new ones have been erected. The place has been expanded and now there are 2 ways to enter/exit I-City itself. There are also 2 ways to get into I-City (refer below for detailed map). Colorful LED trees were ‘planted’ along the routes making I-City ‘truly’ a lights wonderland at night.

During day time, you’ll come to realize all you see is artificial. Save for some ‘real’ flowers, this place feels like a ‘dead’ land. Sometimes it is an eyesore at night ‘too’. Why do they promote artificiality? Only the authority can answer that. It’s weird by the way. Any country can do this but only us ‘really’ go down to doing it. LOL

Anyway I was there for ‘day’ shooting that early October. For photographers, this place spells ‘let’s get creative’. Hehehe

I love this one a lot.

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