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Promise Me, Chester!

I’m sure you all know what a pinky promise is?

Normally if you want to further seal the deal, you’ll include the copy and stamp hand gestures as well. The pinky promise, copy and stamp gestures are really popular in Korea. Coincidentally my favorite Korean drama – Faith μ‹ μ˜ has a scene involving this as well.

I thought it would be interesting to teach Chester do the elaborate pinky promise hand gestures (with copy and stamp). Basically he just need to offer me his paw and I’ll do the rest. Hahaha Sound silly right? Anyway to make this promise extra special I added an extra step at the end with Chester kissing my hand. Cute or not?

Pinky promise!

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Lee Min Ho ‘My Everything’ Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

Lee Min Ho ‘My Everything’ Global Tour in Malaysia 2013

Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC) Fashion Mall
15th Floor Event Hall
29th June 2013, Saturday 7.00pm
Area: B Zone (R), Row B4, Seat 110

Honestly when I found out Lee Min Ho’s concert cum fan-meeting is going to be at KWC Fashion Mall, I was a bit disappointed. I’ve no idea where it is nor have I heard of that place before and err… it sounded cheap?

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Free Foot Massage Anyone?

Now what do you do if you have a dog with soft, long and tender coat? You get foot massage out of it! Looking only at his ear fur will make me melt… into ice. Haha

Please don’t mind the ‘manja’ voice ya in the video below. That’s how I talk to my dog. Kekeke Checkout the leg hi-5 at the end.

p/s: In case you’ve misses me, I’ve been on holiday to Europe. Yeah one of my dream holiday has finally been fulfilled. I’ll write a lengthy travelogue (into several posts) no doubt. So till then… bonjour and ciao!

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Cute Chester On Command For Butter Cake

Ok let’s not talk about HK today. I’m sure you guys miss Chester? Like a lot… Got? πŸ˜›
He’s been doing great since recovering from the horrible diarrhea incident. He’s back to his old self. Read: Lazy and lazy.

Yesterday I baked a butter cake and well what do you know? My dog was suddenly so alert. No more ‘Ah Pek’ behaviour. He’s like the young dog I used to have. He kept eying me (to know when I’m going to attack the butter cake and he will join in). And he parked himself near the cake! Haha Aiyoo Chester ahh!!!

Watch for yourself his behavior and antics and how he follow my commands all for the sake of butter cake! Chester must be thinking ““Long live butter cake!”

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