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Free Foot Massage Anyone?

Now what do you do if you have a dog with soft, long and tender coat? You get foot massage out of it! Looking only at his ear fur will make me melt… into ice. Haha

Please don’t mind the ‘manja’ voice ya in the video below. That’s how I talk to my dog. Kekeke Checkout the leg hi-5 at the end.

p/s: In case you’ve misses me, I’ve been on holiday to Europe. Yeah one of my dream holiday has finally been fulfilled. I’ll write a lengthy travelogue (into several posts) no doubt. So till then… bonjour and ciao!

Chester, Video Clips

Cute Chester On Command For Butter Cake

Ok let’s not talk about HK today. I’m sure you guys miss Chester? Like a lot… Got? 😛
He’s been doing great since recovering from the horrible diarrhea incident. He’s back to his old self. Read: Lazy and lazy.

Yesterday I baked a butter cake and well what do you know? My dog was suddenly so alert. No more ‘Ah Pek’ behaviour. He’s like the young dog I used to have. He kept eying me (to know when I’m going to attack the butter cake and he will join in). And he parked himself near the cake! Haha Aiyoo Chester ahh!!!

Watch for yourself his behavior and antics and how he follow my commands all for the sake of butter cake! Chester must be thinking ““Long live butter cake!”

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Great Ocean Road Self-Drive Day 4: Twelve Apostles At Sunset [+Video] & Port Campbell

I suggest you reading these first (if you have not):

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Great Ocean Road Day Self-Drive 4: Pee Story, Port Campbell National Park & Trouble Finding Twelve Apostles

So okay, we knew we had made a mistake once we saw ‘Port Campbell’ sign because that’s the town after Twelve Apostle. Very quickly we U-turned. We guessed the ‘Port Campbell National Park’ or ‘Port Campbell Visitor Center’ (couldn’t remember which one because everything was a blur haha) sign we saw earlier is the place because there are no other buildings or signs pointing to Twelve Apostles.

Tsk tsk because I do not want to repeat the same ‘temple sick’ scenario at Siem Reap… in this case ‘apostles sick’ scenario, I didn’t find out any information about Twelve Apostles. Now served us right. LOL

Even when we turned into the car park, we are still in a blur. We asked tourist whether this is the place to view Twelve Apostles. Even though they said yes, we still ask another group just to confirm it. That was how clueless we were. Kekeke

We reached Twelve Apostles car park at 6.06pm.

The long 5 minutes walk to Twelve Apostles.
Can you see the bridge railing in the middle of this photo? That’s the Great Ocean Road and this walkway is an underpass. Now we get it. That’s how we can go to the other side of the road… to the open ocean… to Twelve Apostles!!!

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