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Chester’s Monster Eyes & Brushing Passion

Here are 2 videos of Chester that I captured using my dad’s Samsung mobile phone. The video is low quality. So please bear with it. Hehe

Sure Chester is super cute (haha me tak malu) but do you want to see the monster side of Chester? Easily transform a cute dog into a monster by ‘switching on his eyes’ light’!

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Chester, Video Clips

Chester & His Frisbee

I bought Chester a Frisbee when he was about a year old. At that time he’s not interested to play with ‘giant saucer’ Frisbee. So I kept his Frisbee for the longest time until last week when mom was spring cleaning and I saw his Frisbee again.

At first he doesn’t know how to play. Not until I say the magic word “Chester, one, two, three, CATCH!!!’.

So here’s his Frisbee a few days later.

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Nose Balancing Act By Chester

Wanna see how a dog balance a cookie on his nose and then catch it? You’ve come to the right place.

It took me quite some time to train Chester for this nose balancing act. He’s able to catch the cookie on his nose quite fast as in I place the cookie on his nose and he catches it right away. But the balancing act and of asking him to ‘stay’ at that position until I say ‘ok’ needed many practices. Finally he’s able comply to my command.

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Raya Eve Escapade to Cameron Highlands

On the eve of Hari Raya, I went to Cameron Highlands with my dear family. As we’ve been to Cameron Highlands once before, we decided to give our 2nd visit a short day tour only. Thank God we didn’t ran into any traffic congestion or speed trap along the NSE. Dad drove all way to and fro and only letting me drive at 1 short stretch of NSE. Awww.

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Bangkok Day 3 – Temples & Grand Palace

Day 3 – 25th September 2006 (Monday):

BEWARE: Record breaking looooooong post. Just view the pictures if you’re lazy to read.

We woke up early on day 3 as we are going to Pak Khlong Talad aka Flower Market. We left the hostel quite late actually… about 6.30am and traveled by Metro (subway) from Sukhumvit to Hua Lamphong. One thing good about our hostel is that it is in close proximity to Skytrain (Asok) and Metro (Sukhumvit) interchange.

Hua Lamphong MRT station is connected to Hua Lamphong Railway Station, one of Bangkok’s main railway stations. Its architecture reminds me of Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Singapore.

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