A Growth At Chester’s Left Elbow

I found a large growth at Chester’s left elbow more than a month ago. At the time it wasn’t as reddish as the picture below. I waited until Chester’s birthday is over before bringing him to the vet since I wanted him to enjoy his special day. Visiting the vet had to be put off another few more days since the doctor was on leave.

Quite scary looking right? Chester loves to lick it. The growth has some light red blood coming out from time to time.

So this past Thursday (2 days ago), I brought him to his vet and immediately the doc said he needs to cut it off. And to do so, Chester needs to be under general anesthesia (unconscious state). I told the vet about Chester’s soft palate condition (a condition I learned recently from Dr Cheng, the opthamologist). Dogs with soft palate need to be monitored closely especially during the waking up period from anesthesia. So the vet decided to go for local anesthesia instead where only a small portion of Chester’s hand will be numbed. We scheduled the procedure for the next day, Friday (yesterday). Then we will send the tumor to be checked to see if it’s malign or benign. That Thursday night, I kept thinking rubbish thoughts. Sigh.

Come Friday afternoon, Chester decided not to co-operate. The vet has a difficult time giving him the anesthesia. Finally the vet told me she gave up. She doesn’t want to stress herself. She’ll refer me to another vet to perform general anesthesia on Chester. At that point I wanted to laugh out loud. I’ve never heard such thing from a doctor before. But I guess it’s for the best because I don’t trust her either seeing how she wanted only the easy way out.

It’s actually a very simple procedure. Removing the tumor and sew the area up but unfortunately Chester refused to trust the vet. At that point, I wish I’m a vet because Chester trust me. So we will be visiting a vet in Puchong come this Monday. If all goes well, Chester will have a small procedure on the same day via general anesthesia. I’m worried for Chester because Chester has a weak heart (which was diagnosed by Thomas Pet Clinic 6 years ago) and also soft palate. Also Chester reacted quite badly on his first hematoma surgery (6 years back) which I still have nightmare about (you can search for his hematoma surgery if you’re interested). All those hard breathing sound. Argghh! I’ll have to have the new vet check thoroughly on Chester before that. Then there’s also the stress whether the tumor is cancerous.

I cried that Friday evening. Another sigh. But I’m stronger now. I already threw away all those stupid thoughts.

My friends and readers, please pray everything will go smoothly for Chester. Thank you.

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