Limping & Being Stubborn

Few weeks back, I found a swimming place for dogs. In planning to bring Chester there, I thought I’ll make it easier for Chester to climb up and down the car since his legs have been getting weaker. So I tried with a stool – failed. Then I found a long board in the house. He managed reaching the car seat with the board. On coming down, instead of making use of the board, he jumped down side way. I decided to let him try one more time. Going up was a success again. But he decided to jump down again and I tried to prevent that and he landed quite badly. Ouch! I thought I’ll try again but he kept refusing. So I gave up thinking he must be afraid. That night, he looks fine.

The next day and few days more, he limped pretty badly. Thankfully he got better and no more limping. But then few days after he got better, he started limping again. Or hmm shall I say walk weirdly?! I thought I’ll give him more time to recover. It’s been 4 weeks and he still walks weirdly. I’m gonna bring him to vet soon. Why the delay? One part of me was hoping his legs will heal by itself and another part of me is scare to hear what the vet is gonna say. And I’m juggling some personal problem so it’s been a hectic few weeks full of emotional up and down.

It’s also during this period that he started to become stubborn as in he refuses to get up to go potty. It may be because of the leg(s) or he just want to manja with us. I caught him a few times of trying to get up when I call him to potty but stop halfway because he remembers he’s still in mogok (on strike) mode. LOL So, what we do is lure him with treats but don’t award him after that. On some days, if I caught him standing up, he’ll have no problem following me outside to go potty.

I don’t know which leg is giving him the problem. It may be both. Pray for us.

I’ll update Chester’s condition once we come back from the vet.

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