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Photobook Of Chester ❤️

After Chester’s passing, I wanted to make a special photobook dedicated to him. A photobook that chronology his time with us, from his gotcha day in 2003 to his very last day with us in 2015. When I make this plan into motion, I knew this will be really my final goodbye… as in letting go. I’ll still love him and miss him no matter what.

Doing this photobook was a bittersweet process. Of course I cried while choosing and looking back at the thousands of photos, especially the last year. Do I have to re-live those last painful moments? Yes, I need to in order to grow up. I have toughen up a lot since then.

Without further ado, may I present you the photobook of my golden angel, Chester… just a sneak peak of the 80 pages album with nearly 600 photos.

Front Cover of Chester Photobook
A golden with a golden heart. I choose this photo as the front cover of the album. It’s one of my very favorites. It’s on the canvas too. This photo was taken few days after his birthday in 2013 using Samsung S3.

Back Cover Of Chester Photobook
My favorite head tilt photos of him as the back cover of the album. This was taken in December 2009 with D80.

Photobook Of Chester
I’m sure many of you have never seen Chester’s puppyhood photos.

Photobook Of Chester
Love-shaped tongue. 💗💗💗

Photobook Of Chester
That blergh face taken in 2005 on his 2nd birthday. Haha

I have made two photobooks so far (yes not many) and this one is the toughest to make.

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