Vet’s Verdict On Chester’s Limping

I brought Chester to a new vet in Subang last Saturday to check on his limping. New vet again you ask? Yes, you can read the vets history below to find out why. I asked for my dad’s help to carry Chester (we both carry him) into and out of the car since I didn’t want to aggravate his leg(s).

On the way to the clinic.

Once I went into the clinic with Chester, he started to bark so we stayed outside while they process our registration. A Malay lady then asked me what’s wrong with Chester. Told her about the limping and was asked to walk Chester so she can see the way he walks. She then told me his left leg has problem. Fhew! I thought both legs have problem. Inside the clinic, we took Chester’s weight (29.1kg).

Then we followed the lady to an X-ray room. I thought she would leave us there and ask the vet to come in. But when she started to check Chester, I asked her whether she’s a doctor. She said yup. Woow what a surprise. I haven’t met any Malay vet before. This is my first. Then I asked her whether she’s going to X-tray Chester, she said nope. To X-tray a dog, they need to sedate the dog because they are constantly moving. That room act as a consultation room too. Ah-ha!

She asked about Chester’s diet and stuff and then began to check both of Chester’s hind legs. She told me to muzzle Chester and so I did. After awhile since Chester is breathing uncomfortably, I asked the vet whether I can open her muzzle and whether she’s okay with dog’s saliva. She said no problem. Woow.

The vet also checked Chester’s teeth, ears (she smell them!!!), his testicles and prepuse. We also discussed other matter like Chester’s yeast problem, his unstable urine flow, hip dysplasia (Chester has a little bit of this which I’ve knew about since he was little) and other stuffs like the recent rabies outbreak (need to get rabies jab?) and whether standard vaccination is still needed for Chester at his age (verdict is yes; another vet (Putra Heights) told me I can choose not to). Reason standard vaccination is still needed because the vaccine for bacteria can last for a year only while vaccine for virus can last for 3 years. One of the most dangerous bacteria is Leptospirosis (by rat’s urine) which can kill both dogs and human.

The verdict is the two joints (near his left hips) are touching due to obsolete of fluid. This can be either early arthritis or bone cancer (but of course we don’t want this). She checked this by touching only. Keng! So I got chewable glucosamine supplement for Chester. We hope to see improvement in 7-14 days. Few days before, I saw the surface of Chester’s right eye is whitish. Vet told me it’s eye ulcer. So we got eye ointment for him too.

All this time while we were talking with the vet in the consultation cum X-ray room, Chester relaxed himself on the floor and went around sniffing here and there. Glad he’s comfortable. 🙂 I’m also glad we didn’t have to carry Chester on the consultation table. The vet squatted and check Chester on the floor (just like Dr Cheng).

When we were out of the consultation room, there were few other patients there. Normally Chester will be quite verbal but in this case he just went about his business. I’m so happy.

Let’s hope the glucosamine will do wonder for Chester’s arthritis. Pray pray.

Chester’s vets history:
A brief history on why I keep changing vets for Chester. Chester was previously seen by 2 other vets before the story below takes place. The first one gave Chester a horrible time after his hematoma surgery. The 2nd vet totally gave up on Chester’s surgery on the elbow growth matter because she doesn’t want to stress herself.

Early this year, I brought Chester to a new vet in Bukit Tinggi. We went back there again in April this year to further check the protein in Chester’s urine. We didn’t reached any conclusion though. This time the vet didn’t give me a good impression. She asked me whether Chester will bite (which I’m fine with the question) but the tone of her voice and the shitty body language really puts me off. Then when we were consulting her, she went and multi-tasked other stuff. OHMYGOD!!!

My neighbor recommended a vet at Putra Heights to me so off we went with Chester in May. I spent nearly RM400 for the check-up and still no conclusion regarding the protein in urine matter. Besides that this vet kept giving me the signal that Chester can live at least 1 or 2 more years. Choi, choi, choi!!! When you have a vet telling you like this, would you go back? Not me.

The vet that performed Chester’s elbow growth at Bandar Puteri is good but it was just too far. Arrggh so which vet to go now to check for Chester’s limping? So I googled the net. At the end I have 3 options. Either I go back to the vet at Bandar Puteri or try one of the two at Subang. I choose Subang, one that has ample parking spaces and good reviews.

If anyone know any good vet in Klang, please let me know.

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