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The Changing Faces of Famous Amos Packaging

The other day my sis was tidying up her messy cabinet when she found some old packaging of Famous Amos, the fame chocolate chips cookies from USA. Yes, she collects nice packaging and napkins from shops and restaurants… a habit she copied adopted from me. I still collect them but have become quite selective in recent years. I also collect paper bags which you can take a look here.

My sis was planning to throw the Famous Amos packaging away before she remembers that I’m the pioneer collector in this household. LOL I took it with the aim of writing a post about it. These are history babe. I rummaged through my collection but found no Famous Amos packaging. Guess I didn’t collect them.

I arranged them by guesswork with the oldest on the left and latest on the right (which I just finished chowing ’em down today). I don’t know how old the rest of them are/were (which is correct? Oh my poor English) but I plan to keep them.

I find the taste has changed a bit with the recent one. Not as aromatic as it used to be.

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