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Embracing Alarm Clock Again

Long long ago, I ditched my bed alarm clock for the handphone’s alarm clock. I’m sure you all know how convenient it is using the handphone to surf the internet, play games, listen to music, chatting, messaging, read e-books, etc all from the comfort of your bed. I spent so much time on the handphone that I began sleeping later and later in the night. When I sleep, my handphone would be beside my head or on the floor below my head while the network blast on. For years this was how I spent my bedtime.

After learning more and more about electromagnetic radiation although I’ve heard about it many times before and how we human is an electric being, I seriously start putting the handphone on aeroplane mode when I sleep. I couldn’t power off the handphone because the alarm on my current Nokia 6 wouldn’t work if I switch off the handphone.

I finally bought an alarm clock recently after years of yearning and procrastinating. The yearning part is because deep down I kinda knew having handphone beside me all the time is no good. Hence, I wanted an alarm clock for so long. The procrastination part is because I knew I will damage the alarm clock in no time due to clumsiness. Besides, I knew I will be too stingy to keep replacing it. So, I went and got a very affordable one so that if it’s broken, I can easily get a new one without pounding my chest. Haha

Alarm Clock
My new green alarm clock. With dual alarm sounds with night light.

So far it has gone through multiple falls from my bed (7 times so far or perhaps more as I’ve lost count LOL) and thank God they were all fixable. Once, the front cover came off, twice the alarm push-level detached and then the batteries disengaged from the slots every time the clock fell on the floor. Latest fall: the alarm sound went haywire and yet I managed to fix it by banging it a few times! Haha.

Three wonderful things happened after switching to the mechanical alarm clock.
1. I sleep more deeply and soundly.
2. I sleep earlier. I usually sleep between 12am-1am. Nowadays? Occasionally before 12am.
3. I rely on one less modern technology and it feels very freeing.

When I embraced the alarm clock again, I totally switch off the handphone and keep it in the cupboard (same room) when I sleep. In future, I will place the handphone in another room after powering off. FYI, I only turn on the handphone’s wifi when I need to use it and it’s extremely rare for me to subscribe to mobile data because wifi is available most of the time and when it’s not, I’ll just wait until I have access to it. Recently, I even shut off the network by setting the phone in aeroplane mode during day time and only turning it on when I need it. I make sure to move away when I turn it on.

Am I overthinking about the electromagnetic radiation? I used to thought so and brushed it off. At present, I am following my intuition and I know that intuition can never be wrong.

Do you have a real alarm clock or are you using your handphone as an alarm clock?

Update 7th Aug 2022: Early this year, one of the alarm sounds went kaput after its latest fall. Thankfully this alarm has dual alarm sounds so I resorted to the second alarm sound. Too bad, this alarm sound isn’t as loud as the first sound, so ahem, I couldn’t wake up in the morning. So, what’s next? I bought another alarm clock (different from this) and the good news is that the alarm sound is very loud. This new alarm is not very stable so I hung it beside my bed. Guess this one will last for a very long time! πŸ˜‰ I’m still using the old green alarm clock. Set both clocks’ alarms about 30 minutes apart. Haha

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