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Redeemed Gifts From BonusLink Points & The Forgotten AEON Points

BonusLink is a consumer rewards program in Malaysia. All you need to do is collect points at their participating partners. When they first started in 1998 (17 years ago), a family can only receive 1 primary card and 1 supplementary card. Then about 5/6 or more years ago, the supplementary option is open to other family members as well (you can apply additional 2 supplementary cards provided they have the same mailing address). Of course we applied immediately. This make accumulating points faster.

This card is antique! I’ve only changed it once due to magnetic problem.

We’ve been BonusLink members since 1998… yup since their inception. I think we joined in Parkson Grand. During the 1999 Chinese New Year, I entered Parkson BonusLink contest and I was one of the winners. The prize is 18,913 Bonuslink points (such odd numbering). Why I’m able to remember the number? Because I still have the winner announcement letter with me. I haven’t won any contest by BonusLink ever since then. LOL

What I like about BonusLink:
1. Free BonusLink membership. No joining fee or annual fee. No membership expiry. Really fuss-free!!! Note: accumulated points will expire 3 years from accumulation month.

2. They are always generous by offering double, triple, quadruple or more points when you shop at selected partners during festive seasons or other special day.

3. Shell and Caring are their partners. All my family uses Shell and I prefer going to Caring than Guardian because I can collect BonusLink points. Of course there are more participating partners, but we mostly uses these two.

These are the gifts redeemed in the span of 17 years as BonusLink card members (starting from first redemption to the latest redemption):
1. Tefal mini chopper
2. Omron digital thermometer
3. La Gourmet saucepan
4. Philips hair dryer
5. Endo digital body scale

Not bad right? And you know what? All of them are still functional including the mini chopper (our first redemption from BonusLink).

We are also AEON members. I think we became members around 1998 period too. I can’t really be sure because the card didn’t mention the joining year unlike BonusLink. All I have is a piece of AEON letter telling us we can use the card starting July 1st 1998.

My latest AEON card.

I think I can safely say that we swipe quite equally if not more at AEON shopping mall than at BonusLink partners but we NEVER EVER redeem any gifts from the points collected at AEON. Reason is we never received any news about the accumulated points. We just go shopping at AEON, swipe the card, go home and forget about it (like kena jampi). That’s like nearly 2 decades worth of dunno how many ks of points all disintegrated into thin air. Oh baby.

So recently, I phoned AEON to find out why we never received any information about our points. As I have guessed, they don’t have our mobile number as SMS is their main communication. Then I found out, our house telephone number recorded in their system is the old 7 digits! OHMYFGOD. That’s so old. The changes from 7 to 8 digits happened around 1999 to 2001. They should at least send a letter to us reminding us to update our information. Or inform us to update our details when we were right there at the AEON customer care counter renewing our cards (many times some more)!!! Oh… so incompetent.

Then I found out I have RM30 AEON rebate vouchers waiting to be collected and few ks AEON points. Ohh you bet, I’m going to claim them this time! πŸ˜€

So okay, what are the points of this post? Just to tell you BonusLink really works and if you’re like me who has never redeemed anything as an AEON member, you should start taking action.

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