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Unifi Finally!

Can you believe it if I told you that my household has been surviving on a Streamyx broadband download speed of 512Kbps since 2008? I’m not joking. TM upgraded our service to 1Mbps roughly a year ago or less which we only found out recently (no wonder the internet was faster just a teeny weeny bit). So yeah, 14 years!!!

What did we use pre-Streamyx? Jaring. It’s a dial-up internet with a download speed of 14.4Kbps and later 56Kbps! Hahaha 😜 I can laugh now but at that time it was precioussssssss.

During the later parts of the 14 years with Streamyx, there were almost daily conflicts between the 3 users of the household due to the crawling internet speed, especially between my dad and me. As gadgets become more and more advanced, so does the amount of bandwidth it consumes. Urgggghhh!!! Even if I don’t want to change, I had to. So, we finally migrated to Unifi at long last.

Why did we choose Unifi and why make the jump to Unifi only now?

We choose Unifi because it’s convenient and affordable. We subscribed to the cheapest Unifi fibre broadband plan at RM89/month with a download speed of 30Mbps. We only make the jump now because previously we were told that to upgrade to Unifi, we would need to rent another phone in addition to the current house phone. If we do not want to rent two phones, then we need to cancel the present house phone which is impossible because we all are obsessed with our house phone (they are nice numbers!) and besides this phone number has been with us since we register it decades ago. I’m not sure why they have such rules though.

When I called TM recently to ask them about Unifi again, they told me that we can now use our current phone to connect to Unifi. That’s a green light yo. Booking the installation appointment with TM was easy and the contractor arrived at the stipulated date and time. Setting up was easy too. All in all, everything was a breeze.

Since using Unifi, the internet pages are loading very fast. Sometimes when it was loading too fast, I need a double-take. The most wonderful thing? Watching Korean dramas is super comfy with no waiting/lagging. There were times in the past when it can take up to 10 hours just to watch an hour series. LOL Also, I just did a WordPress backup the other day and downloading large files was very quick.

After getting Unifi, life is so much more peaceful. Hope it will be a long while say two decades before I have to upgrade again. Hahaha

p/s: We still limit our house’s WiFi and shut down the router and modem from 12am to 6.30am. Just because one cannot sense the EMF radiation doesn’t mean it’s not there. πŸ˜‰

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