최강칠우 Chilwu, The Mighty (Korean Drama)

I’ve heard of Chilwu, The Mighty a couple of times but never got interested mainly because it’s a sageuk (historical drama) plus I’m not a fan of Eric. When KBS recently encored this drama (which has ended), I decided to watch plainly because I’ve got nothing better to do. Kekeke Gotta say I’m highly impressed with this I-thought-it’s-gonna-be-boring drama. I dislike the caped crusader Zorro theme which they put on Eric but other than that this drama is interesting and fresh even though it’s 4 years old.

‘The 3 Stooges’ aka Seung Guk, Ja Ja and Chil Woo. *Yes laugh all you want with the Zorro outfit because you’re not the only one. Sorry Eric.

I enjoyed the trio assassins relationship particularly Chil Woo and Min Seung Guk (ah Damsari!!!). I like it how they solve cases after cases of problems and the final royal plot case. I also love the stun they pull while riding on horses. I’ve never seen anything like it before. And my biggest discovery in this drama? Yoo Ah In! I thought he stands out the most. The mystery assassin in black robe and weed hat. Woahhh I’m wooed over! And I think long hair suit him well. I dislike his short hair in Fashion King (just leisurely watched a couple epis) which makes him look too thin. Tskk I like those thick lips too! Hahaha

Yoo Ah In as the assassin Heuk San.

Oh btw I tried watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal (which starred Park Yoo Chun, Song Jong Ki, Yoo Ah In) but never get passed episode 1 (twice!) and I think it because of Park Min Young. No doubt she’s beautiful but there’s something I dislike about her which I can’t pin point. Opps I think I’m running away from topic.

All in all this drama is above average in my book. It’s suspenseful, fun and very refreshing not like any kind of saguek I’ve watched. If you want to see Ku Hye Sun in pre Boys Over Flowers, this is one of it.

Chil Woo, soldier by day… assassin by night.

Korean title: 최강칠우
Korean romanization title: Choi Kang Chil Woo
International English title: Chilwu, The Mighty or Strongest Chil Woo
Running period in Korea: 17th June 2008 to 19th August 2008
Runtime in Korea: Monday and Tuesday 9.55pm
Running period in KBSWorld: July 2008
Total episodes: 20
Genre: Historical

My favorite scene in Chilwu, The Mighty; the injured Heuk San (Yoo Ah In) and captive So Yoon (Ku Hye Sun).

Synopsis (source from KBS):
Here comes the Korean-version caped crusader! In this historical action drama, a singer-turned-actor Eric cuts a dashing figure as a Zorro-like hero. Living a double life, Chilwu(Eric) is nothing but a negligent officer in the daytime, but at night he turns into a charismatic leader of five assassins standing up against injustice and brutality committed by the wicked in the 17th century Joseon Dynasty. Enraged at his innocent sister’s death, our hero makes a 180-degree transformation, changing into an assassin to fight against the corrupt world. Watching swashbuckling action scenes including Eric’s rousing swordplay and flamboyant martial arts, viewers find themselves gradually unmask a conspiracy and mystery surrounding Chilwu’s assassin group.

One of the thing that Chilwu, The Mighty lack is in the romance department. It has some no doubt but the words utter by Chil Woo to So Yoon gave me goosebumps. Too intense (and over-acted) to my liking. Hahaha

Eric Moon as Kang Chil Woo aka Choi Chil Woo
Ku Hye Sun as Yoon So Yoon
Yoo Ah In as Heuk San
Jeong No Min as Min Seung Guk
Lee Eon as Ja Ja

Lim Ha Ryong as Choi Nam Deuk (Chil Woo’s adopted dad)
Choi Ran as Nam Deuk’s wife (Chil Woo’s adopted mom)
Kim Yeong Ok as Nam Deuk’s mother in law (Chil Woo’s grandma)

Song Ha Yoon as Yeon Doo
Jang Jun Yeong as Chul Suk Yi (Cheol Seok)
Lim Hyuk as Kim Ja Sun (Heuk San’s adopted dad)
Choi Jeong Woo as King In Jo

Photos from KBS.

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    First time heard of this drama LOL!

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      Come… come… let me turn you into a Korean drama hardcore fan. No more TVB ya. Kekekeke

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