연애의 발견 Discovery of Love (Korean Drama)

So there’s Eric Moon and then there’s Jung Yu Mi. Both are my favorites. How could I not watch Discovery of Love? You tell me. I first saw Eric’s acting in the ill-fated Spy MyeongWol and then the interesting Zorro-like Chilwu, The Mighty. This guy is hot I tell you. As for Jung Yu Mi, I first saw her in The Queen Of Office and then I Need Romance 2. She did so great in The Queen Of Office that she immediately became my favorite.

What’s Discovery of Love about? It’s about the discovery of love. Really. No pun intended.

Synopsis from KBS World:
A story about a woman who is having conflict between new love and old love.

Han Yeo Reum, who has started her new relationship with a perfect guy, Nam Ha Jin, but her ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae Ha is back regretting his past. “Discovery of Love” is a love triangle story of those three young people.

You know what I find funny? If I watch a drama along with reading the recap, I tend to procrastinate. Yeah thanks to the influence of the re-capper and commenters. For this drama, I did not read the recap and therefore I have no negative thoughts on this drama. It’s all the positive vibe, baby! I love it how they played back the love story of Tae Ha and Yeo Reum from 5 years back. I like the ending too. I wish they have shown more of the present day love story of the intended main couple. Oh no, I’m not revealing who she chooses at the end. Overall, this drama offers you a strong cast performance and wonderful writing. The cinematography is excellent too.

The star of this show is certainly Jung Yu Mi. I love her acting. She can be cute one second and serious the next.

Eric Moon… haa what can I say? Perfect in my eyes. LOL.

Korean title: 연애의 발견
Korean romanization title: Yeonae-ui Balgyeon
International English title: Discovery of Love
Literal title: Finding True Love
Chinese title: 恋爱的发现
Running period in Korea: 18th August 2014 to 7th October 2014
Runtime in Korea: Monday and Tuesday 10.00pm
Running period in KBS World: 1st September 2014 to 21st October 2014
Runtime in KBS World: Monday and Tuesday 9.00pm
Total episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, comedy

When I fall in love… chik chak.

Couple rings of Tae Ha and Yeo Reum.

Eric Moon as Kang Tae Ha
Jung Yu Mi as Han Yeo Reum
Sung Joon as Nam Ha Jin
Yoon Hyun Min as Do Joon Ho
Kim Seul Gi as Yoon Sol
Yoon Jin Yi as An A Rim

Joon Ho and Ha Jin – the plastic surgeons. I like both of them too. Strong acting by them as well.

Kim Hye Ok as Shin Yoon Hee (Yeo Reum’s mother)
Ahn Seok Hwan as Bae Min Soo
Sung Byoung Sook as Ha Jin’s mother
Jung Soo Young as Jang Gi Eun
Lee Seung Jun as Yoon Jung Mok
Hwang Seok Jeong as restaurant owner
Gu Won as Choi Eun-Gyu

Yoon Sol and Joon Ho. They are so cute together. Love them.

Episode titles:
Episode 1: How did we end up sleeping in the same bed?
Episode 2: Will you break up with him and come back to me?
Episode 3: Can’t Help it if You Think it’s Jealousy
Episode 4: You like Han Yeo Reum?
Episode 5: I know that it’s a confession I’ll regret tomorrow!
Episode 6: Even if the sky falls, I’m not going to you
Episode 7: This is your first one-sided love, isn’t it?
Episode 8: This isn’t dating; it’s war
Episode 9: I said ‘I love you’ hundreds of times…
Episode 10: Let’s break up…
Episode 11: Staring out the window several times a day
Episode 12: The day the words ‘I love you’ touched my heart…
Episode 13: Should I act drunk and just kiss you?
Episode 14: Did you just call me a bitch?
Episode 15: Will they be able to love again?
Episode 16: Although there’s no such thing as everlasting love…

My favorite OSTs from Discovery of Love are Is It Love (사랑일까) by J Rabbit and It’s Strange, With You (묘해, 너와) by Acoustic Collabo.

Photos from KBS.

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