힐러 Healer (Korean Drama)

I’m currently diggin’ Healer. Who’s with me?

I went into this drama without any expectation. I knew it would be good because Song Ji Na wrote it but I didn’t expect it would be THIS good (two thumbs up). Who’s Song Ji Na? She’s the brilliant Korean writer that wrote Sandglass and my favorite Faith drama.

I’ve seen Ji Chang Wook previously in Smile Again – not really impressed with his acting there and am not really a fan of Park Min Young. While I’ve never watched any of Yoo Ji Tae dramas. BUT right now I’m really loving the three of them. They make a very nice trio.

For me, Healer is about finding the truth, finding the lost one and finding your one true love along the way. It’s sweet and thrilling once you put on the Healer’s seat belt. Perfect acting by Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae. Bravo.

Ji Chang Wook as Healer and Seo Jung Hoo (his real name).

Synopsis from KBS World:
A mysterious messenger of the 22nd century, an online newspaper reporter who works hard not to be a “yellow journalist,” and a popular reporter who agonizes over the truth and reality.

When these three people meet, a passionate romance starts and the truths from the past and present reveal themselves to the world.

This drama features young people and how they grow as real journalists.

Korean title: 힐러
Korean romanization title: Hilreo
International English title: Healer
Chinese title: 治愈者
Running period in Korea: 8th December 2014 to 10th February 2015
Runtime in Korea: Monday and Tuesday 9.50pm
Running period in KBS World: 22nd December 2014 to 24th February 2015
Runtime in KBS World: Monday and Tuesday 8.50pm
Total episodes: 20
Genre: Romance, action, thriller

The photo that started it all! From left is Jung Hoo’s dad, Gil Han (Young Shin’s dad), Myung Hee (Young Shin’s mom), Moon Sik and Young Jae (Jung Hoo’s/Healer’s master).

What’s Healer without sunnies, right?

Ji Chang Wook as Seo Jung Hoo / Healer
Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin
Yoo Ji Tae as Kim Moon Ho

Kim Mi Kyung as Jo Min Ja
Oh Gwang Rok as Ki Young Jae (Healer’s master)
Taemi as Kang Dae Yong

The cute lovable Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin.

Park Sang Myeon as Chae Chi Soo (Young Shin’s stepdad)
Park Won Sang as Jang Byeong Se
Woo Hyeon as Chul Min
Jang Sung Bum as Lee Jong Soo

Park Sang Won as Kim Moon Sik (Moon Ho’s elder brother)
Do Ji Won as Choi Myung Hee (Moon Sik’s wife)

Wonderful Yoo Ji Tae!

Jo Han Chul as Yoon Dong Won
Woo Hee Jin as Kang Min Jae
Park Sang Wook as Bae Sang Soo
Choi Jong Won as boss

Oh Jong Hyuk as Oh Gil Han (Young Shin’s father)
Ji Il Joo as Seo Joon Seok (Jung Hoo’s father)
Jung Hye In as Choi Myung Hee (young)
Son Seung Won as Kim Moon Sik (young)
Choi Dong Goo as Ki Young Jae (young)
Lee Moon Sik as Ko Sung-Chul (ep.1)

I like this ahjumma a lot. She’s an excellent actress. I’ve seen tonnes of her dramas.

Oii! Get a room already!

Eternal Love by Michael Learns To Rock is one of the OSTs in Healer and it’s my fav!

Photos from KBS.

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