달려라 고등어 Mackerel Run (Korean Drama)

Mackerel Run was broadcasted in 2007 and it starred the then 20 years old Lee Min Ho as a high school student. It was only the year before that Lee Min Ho and his bestie childhood and fellow actor Jung Il Woo got involved in a serious car accident (Aug 2006). This is my last K.drama for 2012, you hear me? (hahaha) I don’t plan to watch anymore K.dramas except the one that are currently showing at KBSWorld (Jeon Woo Chi and the soon-coming School 2013).

Reason for watching Mackerel Run? Lee Min Ho!!! (what else?) Even at the tender age of 20, he has got all those swoon-worthy mojos presence. Ahh yes I’m fangirling except in my age it’s called fan-noona-ing only because I’m older than Lee Min Ho.

Korean title: 달려라 고등어
Korean romanization title: Dalryeora Godeungeo
International/Literal title: Mackerel Run
Running period in Korea: 12th May 2007 to 30th June 2007
Runtime: Saturday 4.40pm
Total episodes: 8
Genre: Comedy, high school

A high school drama filled with hilarious moments. (Yes it has quite many LOL moments)

Lee Min Ho as Cha Gong Chan
Moon Chae Won as Min Yoon Seo
Kwon Se In as Baek Hun
Jeong Yun Jo as Yoon Se Mi

Jang Tae Hoon as Ko Bong Tae (Gong Chan bestie)
Ko Kyu Pil as Jang Dong Gun (bully)
Park Bo Young as Shim Chung Ah (Gong Chan’s and Bong Tae’s friend)

Lee Byung Joon as Ma Do Sik
Yu Hye Ri as Heo Young Sook
Lee Kyeong Jin as Lee Keum Ja (Gong Chan’s mom)

Moon Chae Won and Lee Min Ho.

I didn’t feel any chemistry between them however I do feel it between Lee Min Ho and Jeong Yun Jo (Yoon Se Mi – she’s cool). I was gunning for Se Mi actually.

Moon Chae Won and Park Bo Young looks like they haven’t aged; comparing them back in 2007 and now-2012.

As for Lee Min Ho… compare these pictures yourself.

2005 Lee Min Ho in Mackerel Run.

2011 Lee Min Ho in City Hunter.

All I can say is he ages like wine!!! So delicious. Hehe

Ok I think I’m swaying away from the main topic. My point is watch Mackerel Run if you’re Lee Min Ho’s fan. You won’t be disappointed. There’s the dorky smile and laugh, the cute dimples, the lovely side profile, the sexy lips, the ahem adam apple. Ohh and then there is a scene where he pours water on his face… I was transported to heaven right there and then. Hehe

Despite having only 8 episodes, the story is quite well written and humorous. I won’t reveal the plot since it’s a very light drama. I wished they have more epis though. As to why the drama is named Mackerel Run (달려라 고등어)… 고등어 (godeungeo) means mackerel while 고등학교 (godeung hakgyo) means high school.

Photos from SBS.

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