Master – God Of Noodles, Becky’s Back & Beautiful Mind

These three Korean dramas did good in feeding my entertainment needs for the past couple of months. Take note my mini reviews below contain spoiler.

Master – God Of Noodles
Master – God Of Noodles aka Master Of Revenge 마스터-국수의 신

I was looking forward to this revenge drama because my two favorites were in it; Chun Jung Myung and Lee Sang Yeob. This drama started off with numerous cold murders. It cringes me to the point that I realized the credit gotta be given to the actors, Baro who portrayed the young Kim Gil Do and Cho Jae Hyun as the older version. They are as if the same person to me. That cold STARE when scheming and during committing murder… gosh scary as hell man! I actually find Cho Jae Hyun/Kim Gil Do charismatic. Help me?!

The title of this drama promised a lot but in the end I was quite disappointed how both the title and story are so completely unmatched be it as master of noodles or master of revenge. Chun Jung Myung as Mu Myung was really tame as the master of revenge to the point of pathetic. You called that master plan for revenge? I don’t blame him, I blame the script. Okay fine, I blame him a little. Meanwhile Lee Sang Yeob as Park Tae Ha is such a cutie pie. You feel like you wanna protect him whenever he made those reckless moves for his so call FRIENDS. I also liked all the secondary and tertiary characters such as Chae Yeo Kyung, Kim Da Hae, Go Gang Sook (love her dialect), Seol Mi-Ja and Doggoo.

I would watch this drama again even if I can turn back the time. The ending… I cried buckets for the so called friendship thingy.

Becky's Back
Becky’s Back 백희가 돌아왔다

This 4 episodes drama acted as a filler since Beautiful Mind were having some production roadblocks. Didn’t expect much from it… turns out I was very entertained. Kang Ye Won as Yang Baek Hee aka Becky certainly kicks many men’s a$$! And so is her daughter, Shin Ok Hee played by Jin Ji Hee (love this young actress). Recommended!

Beautiful Mind
Beautiful Mind 뷰티풀 마인드

This drama encountered several production problems right from the start (talk about real bad luck) such as: trouble securing broadcaster + lead actor (casting started since 2014!) + actress and schedule delayed due to actress’ other commitment… which in the end brings to 2 episodes cut (the broadcaster gave Olympic as the reason ~ hmmm). It’s also said the episodes cut were due to low ratings (which is unfair).

Jang Hyuk’s portrayal as Lee Young O (a neurosurgeon with zero sympathy) was top-notched. I usually watch Jang Hyuk’s dramas with caution because I really dislike his crazy laughter (thank God I was saved this time!). I like the serious Jang Hyuk. Not the crazy kind like Fated To Love You (which I dropped half-way coz I couldn’t take no more of his sarcastic laughter!). This is genuinely one of a kind medical drama. Amazing I would say just because of Jang Hyuk. If you’ve always been fascinated by medical stuff, you gotta watch this one because it’s really different. Lastly a shout-out to Heo Jun Ho who acted as Lee Gun Myung (Young O’s dad).

Photos from KBS.

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