The Amazing Race Asia – Episode 7 Singapore & Bangkok

Hmm I’m not too sure why the teams did only a detour at the Singapore leg before being swept off to Bangkok, Thailand. However I am again amazed by this week’s TARA episode. It’s freaking entertaining!

I had to live my nightmare all over again when watching poor Syeon looking so helpless in her quest to answer a ‘BIG’ nature call during a taxi ride from Ayutthaya to Bangkok.

I can still tahan —-> 😟
Is there a toilet here? —-> 😐
How far to go? —-> 😩
I really need to go! —-> πŸ˜–
I really need to go!!! —-> 😡😡😡

Of course finally both of us did make the uneventful ‘releases’. The difference?
Let’s me analyze it for you.

Mine is a ‘small’ nature call, while hers is a ‘big’ one.
I let go mine in the ladies loo in an office building along the airport highway; running through maze after maze of cars in a pouring rain.

She let go hers near some bushes (maybe) beside an empty piece of road accompanied by her dearest.

I know this particular nightmare will take a long time to forget/heal because sometimes when I see traffic jam ahead I begin to panic… What if I have to go? And right now I’m wondering whether there’s any toilet near Mount Kinabalu’s peak. πŸ˜€

Most of the teams encountered navigating difficulties due to language barrier while performing the Bangkok detour. Of course I can only laugh out loud now cause I’ve stumble upon this scenario before too. I was so heart-broken when the final two teams left standing was none other than the M&Ms and Joe Jer and Zabrina with the latter being last. I quickly rejoice when I realised it was a non-elimination round. Wohoooooooooo! Ohgosh I really don’t want Joe Jer and Zabrina to leave. And leave they will not. Continue to fight they will!

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  • Reply sophie December 27, 2006 at 1:19 pm

    Yeah, :whew: Joe Jer and Zabrina still in the race

  • Reply Che-Cheh December 27, 2006 at 11:52 pm

    Sophie, I hope Joe Jer and Zabrina and Andrew and Syeon can made it to top 3. :praying:

  • Reply amanda December 30, 2006 at 10:33 am

    juz 1 word….gambateh πŸ˜€

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