함부로 애틋하게 Uncontrollably Fond (Korean Drama)

Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond is a melodrama first and foremost. That means there will be tonnes of heart-aching and brain-pulling moments. Remember that!!! I think many people forget this point and dive into this drama thinking it’ll be lovely-dovey on beds of roses without the thorns. How can you not think like that when it starred the tall and handsome Kim Woo Bin and nation’s first love, Suzy? My advice: dive into this melodrama without any expectation and you’ll be really okay.

When I first heard news about this pairing I was ecstatic *literally jumping with so much joy*. Now whose brainy idea was that to put them together? You are brilliant! Basically I’ve been waiting for Kim Woo Bin to play the leading man since School 2013. As for Suzy, I first saw her in Dream High and have been a fan. She’s so beautiful. 🙂

Tsk, from here on spoilers!

Uncontrollably Fond
What can I say? They look good together. Great chemistry.

Uncontrollably Fond and Descendants Of The Sun are the two pre-produced dramas by KBS this year (another one coming up in Dec called Hwarang). DOTS did really well. In fact REALLY REALLY WELL. So well, that when Uncontrollably Fond didn’t managed to achieve even half of what DOTS achieved, all point fingers and said Uncontrollably Fond is a failure. I BEG TO DIFFER.

I’m not sure whose idea it is to promote this melodrama as cute, romantic and humorous. It got all wrong from there in my opinion. When expectation precede reality, all hell breaks loose. Yup losing viewership and ratings as a matter of fact. While those that stayed and continuing their support were rewarded with tears (not bad tears but sad tears) and the best kind of acting an actor can give to his audience and fans.

I do agree this drama is not perfect. Its opening were beautiful and then got a bit confusing. They failed to show us HOW DEEP WERE THEIR LOVE. We want history. Yup it lacks that omph when we can’t see it but from Kim Woo Bin’s and Suzy’s acting I did get the feeling that they like each other A LOT. Then the push and pull thingy in the mid to later part of the episodes were no doubt difficult to watch. So angsty. I mean we want them to be together already. But that’s the way the writer wrote it and so accept it. From all these years of watching K-dramas, I haven’t found a perfect one from start to finish. So stop complaining.

Most of the characters in Uncontrollably Fond are not one or two dimensional. They are layered, with good and bad sides to them. For that, we got pulled into the show and care for them. Good job writer-nim on this one. And not to forget those superb cinematography. My favorites are the winter and autumn scenes.

Uncontrollably Fond
Kim Woo Bin showed tremendous amount of acting ranges in this drama. Some may say it was a mistake he took this project. But in my opinion he gained so much. He actually surprises me with his acting chops. He shows us what he can do; cry, laugh, being stubborn, cheeky, jerk, serious, in pain, in love, etc all the while being Shin Joon Young. I look forward to your next drama.

Uncontrollably Fond
Suzy as No Eul did lots of growing up in this drama. In fact, she grew the most in terms of character wise. There are those that condemned Suzy’s acting and weird screeching sound in the early episodes. I don’t find her acting any problem. As for her screeching sound… well that’s who Suzy are. That’s the way she do it. That’s her unique way.

Uncontrollably Fond

Synopsis from KBS World:
Uncontrollably Fond is a love story of a man and woman who meet again after they broke up in the past. The man, in the presence of his death, decides to make her life better as he destroyed it —> this part sounded so not right. Their romance will have you seek comfort, recovery, and hope in love.

Korean title: 함부로 애틋하게
Korean romanization title: Hamburo Aeteuthage
International English title: Uncontrollably Fond
Chinese title: 任意依戀
Filming period: 26th November 2015 to 12th April 2016
Running period in Korea: 6th July 2016 to 8th September 2016
Runtime in Korea: Wednesday and Thursday 10pm
Running period in KBS World: 7th July 2016 to 9th September 2016
Runtime in KBS World: Thursday and Friday 8.50pm
Total episodes: 20
Genre: Melodrama, romance

Uncontrollably Fond

Kim Woo Bin as Shin Joon Young
Bae Su Ji as No Eul
Lim Ju Hwan as Choi Ji Tae
Lim Ju Eun as Yoon Jung Eun

Jin Kyung as Shin Young Ok (Joon Young’s mom)
Lee Seo Won as No Jik (No Eul’s lil bro)
Choi Moo Sung as Jang Jung Sik
Jung Soo Kyo as Jang Kook Young
Jang Hee Ryung as Jang Man Ok
Park Soo Young as CEO Namgoong

Uncontrollably Fond
Shin Joon Young and Choi Ji Tae with their ‘almost’ hyung relationship.

Kim Min Young as Ko Na Ri
Yu Oh Seong as Choi Hyun Joon (Ji Tae’s dad)
Jung Sun Kyung as Lee Eun Soo (Ji Tae’s mom)
Ryu Won as Choi Ha Roo (Ji Tae’s lil sis)
Kim Jae Hwa as Kim Bong Sook
Hwang Jung Min as Jang Jung Ja
Jeong Dong Hwan as Yoon Sung Ho (Jung Eun’s dad)

Uncontrollably Fond
This cute relationship. Lee Seo Won aka No Jik, I’ll be looking at your future dramas as well.

Lee Elijah as Kim Yoo Na (special appearance)
Kim Ki-Bang as production company CEO (ep 1)
Kim Min-Jae as actor (ep 1)
Tae Hang-Ho as director (ep 1)
Lee Won-Jong as No Eul’s father (ep 2)
Park Hwan-Hee as Ko Na Ri (teens – ep 2)
Lee Joon-Ho as Lee Joon Ho (ep 4)
Lee Yoo-Bi as Lee Yoo Bi (ep 4)
Yoon Park as Seo Yoon Hoo (ep 12)

Uncontrollably Fond
Yoon Jung Eun (photo) and Lee Eun Soo are the two most irredeemable characters in dramaland. They think what they did are okay. Even till the end. Good acting from both.

Uncontrollably Fond
Everyone’s fav: Pororo! 🐶

Uncontrollably Fond
The mother and son scenes are always heart-wrenching. *sniffs

Uncontrollably Fond
Thankfully we have one mother-son scene which were so CUTE!

Love story with seasons of change:


Uncontrollably Fond
Puppy love stage.

Uncontrollably Fond
Ahh those autumn days in college.

Uncontrollably Fond
Life is good when you’re having fun.

Uncontrollably Fond
Few years later… we meet again in the cold winter.
My favorite scene! I just realized I’m a winter lover.

Uncontrollably Fond
Do I know you? I don’t know you!

Uncontrollably Fond
Spring… a new beginning. But will it be too late?

Uncontrollably Fond
“It’s not your fault, Joon Young ah” says No Eul.

Uncontrollably Fond
Woi, get a room! I realized they are already in a room and one is already on the bed.

Uncontrollably Fond
Just a dream… 😴

Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond is written by Lee Kyoung Hee. I’ve watched her past works namely Sorry, I Love You, The Innocent Man and Wonderful Days. Of that three dramas, one involved the main character dying in the end. And because you were so drawn to the character, you can’t help but sobbed like a crazy lady. That’s not all. The ending left a deep mark in me that it took several days for the effect to wear off.

We were hinted from episode 1 that Shin Joon Young will/might die. And when the day came (last episode)… yup I cried. I sobbed from the beginning of episode of 20 until the end. Had a wreck of a night after that and the next day. But then I toughen up and experienced peace after that. It was one of the most beautiful day of 2016.

The reason most of us cried was not because we like to cry but because it’s like we have known Shin Joon Young for a long time (10 weeks to be precised). The only closure I didn’t get from this drama is for Shin Joon Young to hear his mom’s apology. I thought she should apologize for ignoring his son all those years.

For me, the ending of this drama signifies the closure of a heart-breaking chapter in life and a fresh beginning. I too am braving through life challenges and for what this drama has taught me is to live a life you believe in… being a little braver and stronger as you trudges through bumps and pits. 아자!

Lastly, I love the OSTs for Uncontrollably Fond. My top favs are:
A Little Braver, 가슴이 말해 The Heart is Talking, Only You, 밀지마 Don’t Push Me and 보고싶어 I Miss You.

Photos from KBS.

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