2nd Gmarket Haul

In less than 3 months… there I go again. Gmarket!!!

I actually wanted to stop shopping at Gmarket because I think one day my self-control will break down. There are just too many things to buy. LOL Thankfully this time I managed to squeeze in only 10 items (had to forgo some items though… sobs sobs). What drove me to my 2nd Gmarket purchase? It’s because I was chosen as one of Gmarket’s Top Bloggers in March to which I won ₩50,000!!!

I placed 2 orders on the same day and UNFORTUNATELY I wasn’t able to combine both orders into 1 shipment. The system just won’t let me. I’m guessing it’s because I uses the cash balance of ₩50,000. Anyway I waited patiently for my 2 parcels to arrive and arrived they did! This time in a week time.

Here’s a breakdown of events (ordering to receiving) for my 2nd Gmarket order (2 parcels):
Placed order on 1st May.
All items arrived at Gmarket warehouse by 2nd and 5th May.
Shipment dispatched from Gmarket warehouse on 3rd and 6th May.
Parcels left Korea on 3rd and 6th May.
Received 7th and 8th May from Poslaju.
Total time: 7 days

Gmarket Parcel
Box weight: 1.38kg, no. of items: 4
EMS shipping cost: ₩16,020 (About RM44.70)

Box weight: 1.17kg, no. of items: 6
EMS shipping cost: ₩18,520 (About RM51.70)

As you can see both boxes are quite damaged. Thankfully the contents are good. Lesson learned: Order as many stuff as possible to fill up the box. LOL

Gmarket Parcel Contents

Check out my purchases below:
For the pictures below: Left is product picture from Gmarket. Right is the product received.

1. P157 Sleeping Pants
Color: Pink
Size: Free
Price: ₩4,900 (normal price is ₩8,900). It’s about RM13.70.
Seller: 이브라 (E-bra)

P157 Sleeping Pants
The sleeping pants is exactly as shown in the product picture BUT the size is very big although stated as free size. I think it’s more suitable for large or XL people. Thankfully I can still wear it. The material of the pants is somewhat weird… like paper? My choice is actually the Paul Frank pants but they were out of stock so I choose this one instead because I find the material weird! Haha It’s not the most comfy to wear as the material is kinda rough. Update: After several wash, the material become soft and comfy. It’s one of my fav sleeping pants now. 🙂

2. 크리스틴 (Christine) Cardigan
Color: Lime
Price: ₩12,900 (normal price is ₩20,800). It’s about RM36.00
Seller: 스타일온리 (Style Only)

크리스틴 (Christine) Cardigan
The material is a bit coarse but other than that I’ve no complain. Fit me just fine and the color is as shown which I really like.

3. 에어플레인 (Airplane) Knitwear
Color: Navy
Price: ₩27,900 (normal price is ₩35,800). It’s about RM77.80.
Seller: 스타일온리 (Style Only)

에어플레인 (Airplane) Knitwear
I love everything about this piece. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

4. 5668-8 부케 (Bouquet) Flats
Color: Beige
Size: 240 (Europe 38)
Price: ₩16,800 (normal price is ₩24,700). It’s about RM46.90.
Seller: 러브앤시티 (Love And City)

Bouquet Flat Pumps
I was so impressed with my last purchase with this seller that I bought from them again. This time the shoe is for my mom. It’s cute, comfy and fits well. I chooses few pairs myself but my size were out of stock! Grrr…

5. 1005 이상한나라 Scarf
Color: Pink
Price: 8,700 (normal price is ₩10,900). It’s about RM24.30
Seller: Babisoo

이상한나라 Scarf
This scarf has 3 patterns and is really pretty. Love!
However I wish the material has better quality. With only RM24… I guess it’s expected.

6. 1020 튜나 Scarf
Color: Blue
Price: ₩13,700 (normal price is ₩15,900). It’s about RM38.20
Seller: Babisoo

튜나 (Tuna) Scarf
Another LOVE item. My favorite color is blue and pair it with neon… well, it’s a blast!

7. 1070 봄의왈츠 Scarf
Color: Gray
Price: ₩15,700 (normal price is ₩17,900). It’s about RM43.80
Seller: Babisoo

봄의왈츠 Scarf
I don’t usually go for flowery design but I thought this is beautiful. Now I’m trying to find a dress to go with this!

This seller from Babisoo offer 1+1 promotion. That is buy 1 free 1. I bought 3 scarves and I only received 2 free scarves. Not sure what happened to the other one.

Free Scarves
I like the one on the left. It’s so pretty. Not a fan of the right scarf so I gave it to my sis.

8. 폴인러브 Fabric (5 designs)
Color: Pink
Size: 35cm x 45cm
Price: ₩6,000. It’s about RM16.70
Seller: 원단이야기 (Fabric Story)

Aren’t the fabric beautiful? A pity the size is just 35cm x 45cm. I plan to use these for my food styling. The actual color is a bit yellowish and not as over-exposed as the product picture suggest.

9. 러블리래빗앤큐티플라워 Fabric (4 designs)
Size: 55cm x 45cm
Price: ₩6,700. It’s about RM18.70
Seller: 원단이야기 (Fabric Story)

러블리래빗앤큐티플라워 Fabric
Lovely rabbits and flower design… they’re cute right? Also will be used for food styling.

10. pk32071 프리윙클민트 Mint Fabric (5 designs)
Size: 55cm x 45cm
Price: ₩8,400. It’s about RM23.40
Seller: 원단이야기 (Fabric Story)

pk32071 프리윙클민트 Mint Fabric
Beautiful mint fabric… ahh lovely. Food styling yeah! I might use these fabric for other things. Let me think first.

For these fabric, I had to pay an additional ₩2,500 for local delivery.

Overall, I’m actually a little dissatisfied with my purchases. First is the coarse/rough material and second, I feel like I bought too little stuffs! LOL

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  • Reply Constance Ant May 13, 2013 at 11:18 am

    fuyoh! shopping again!

    damn make my hands itchy pulak! :/

    • Reply Che-Cheh May 13, 2013 at 8:56 pm

      I got to stop though. Need to save money ahhh.

  • Reply Dawn May 16, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    The lime colored cardigan is nice. I went into the website from the first time you mentioned it…I have to say it’s a dangerous place for me! 🙂

    • Reply Che-Cheh May 17, 2013 at 10:56 pm

      I wore that lime cardigan today. Love it.
      Hahaha yeah dangerous place I agree!

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