What Drive Me To Exercise At Least Once A Week

First thing first, Happy New Year 2018! 🎊
I’m starting the first post of 2018 with an exercise topic…

We all know exercise is good for health. I’m pretty sure we’re all brought up with this knowledge. But why can’t most of us find time to exercise? I’m one good example. I struggled to even exercise once a week.

Over the years, I’ve tried jazzercise, yoga, swimming, badminton, ping pong, tennis, futsal, cycling, joined a budget friendly gym (RM10 per hour!!!), exercising at stadium and park, and as well as in my home sweet home.

I deduced the reasons why I’m not able to maintain regular exercise schedule as below:
1. No time
2. Exercise gang busy
3. Lack of exercise drive

No time to exercise is just a stupid excuse. If one is committed, one will surely find time. Because I wanted to be healthy, happy and strong, I realized I need to find time to exercise.

Exercise gang busy is a real excuse mind you. Exercising with at least one partner helps motivate each other and helps light the competitiveness fire… which then improve your exercise drive. We all want to be that person that stays the longest on plank, don’t we?

Also, as I grow older, I became quite stingy at certain things in life. For example, I’m not very fond of paying to exercise. I believe it should be free, and not pay to get it because it’s not a luxury. It’s a compulsory activity for everyone. Perhaps some of you might not agree with this stance of mine.

Modernity has caused many of us in sedentary mode all the time, and this is extremely bad for our healthy. And yet the funny thing is, it was modernity that eventually helped me exercise without fail. Even on lazy days.

I first stumbled upon an article from Twitter about an exercise app around two to three years ago. Decided to try it, loved it and never looked back.

The app is called Sworkit. It has paid and free version. I went for the free version (of course!) because it has all I need. Using this app, I am able to exercise once to five times a week. Sometimes six times a week even. I do believe in giving my body 1-3 days of rest time. I’ve never skipped a week without exercise so far. Even when travelling, I will do a 5 minutes workout.

Update 31st Dec 2018: It’s a paid ONLY version now. Too bad.

I ask myself why this app works for me. For one, the exercise clip has a person demonstrating the workout hence it’s like working out with a partner. Main win for me! There are 4 exercise categories offered; strength, cardio, yoga and stretching. In each category, there are different types of workout. For free version, we are given four free workouts in each category. And we can even adjust the length of the workouts/pose/interval/rest break and customize it (3 for free version). No way will I get bored with this many different types of workouts. Lastly, I like how it tells me my current exercise streak. Say for example current streak is 100 weeks in a row, which means I’ve workout for 100 weeks in a row without skipping a week. That’s an achievement I like to see every time I finish working out. Hehe

Exercise has help me relieve tension and stress, and lift up my mood. Together with better diet, I know I’ve become healthier and stronger.

The most important of all is you need to be committed, for that’s when you will make time to workout.

Let’s get moving!

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  • Reply Dawn February 13, 2018 at 3:09 am

    Hey Amy! Happy belated New Year! LOL!

    So darn right, if you are not committed, you will make all kinds of excuses for exercise. I die die will get to the gym 5-6 days a week whether it’s for heavy cardio or upper body weights, or lower body, and doing my own yoga at night.

    Work out so much, I eat more too! πŸ™‚

    • Reply Che-Cheh February 13, 2018 at 8:30 am

      Hi Dawn, happy belated New Year to you too and happy advance Chinese New Year to you. Hahahaha
      Fuwah 5-6 days a week? Keng ah!!! Okay la eat more as long as it’s all the good stuff. Hehe

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