My Experiences In Buying Naked Vegetables & Fruits Without Plastic Packaging

I was going to post this topic on Instagram when I realized it’s too long for Insta and a proper post is needed. So, here it is.

Please note that I’ve had my fair shares of successes and failures when buying naked vegetables (without plastic packaging) from various places. Naked vegetables are far and in-between these days especially in supermarkets as most are already pre-wrapped in plastics or cling wraps. Below are some examples of my experiences.

Naked Vegetables & Fruits With Its Price Stickers
Playing with Econsave price stickers NOT!

Many months back at Aeon Big, while at the weighing counter I was told to put the naked vegetables in plastic bags. They cannot be without plastic bags. Not only that, each type of vegetables needs to be put into separate plastic bags. I ended up placing back the vegetables. No thanks.

Yesterday, I tried my luck again. A different employee was manning the weighing counter, but I was told again that I need to put the naked vegetables and fruits in a plastic bag. Thankfully I wasn’t asked to put into multiple plastic bags this time! My offer of a cloth bag was turned down as well. I was told the reason was in case I put the produce in my bag and forget about it (= without paying). I placed back the vegetables. Again, no thanks.

I was cool with it both times because I was prepared to be turned down. I understand that many don’t get it yet (mindset) and also because they need to follow orders from the management.

Then, I happened to be in Econsave later that day. I asked the weighing counter employee if I can do my vegetables and fruits which are naked without putting in a plastic bag, and the answer is “Yes”. After weighing the produce, the lady passed the price stickers to me, to which I stuck on my wrist area, and later sticking on this very affordable big pumpkin (below). I was so happy that I was squealing with delight but silently. A small victory but important as heck!

p/s: this ain’t my first time of celebration. But I gladly savour the victory every time I get to refuse a plastic bag.

An Almost Zero Packaging Grocery Shopping

We still buy toilet paper packed in plastic packaging (same goes with other stuffs). See photo above. I don’t fret on it because it’s beyond my grab currently. I just do the best I can in my current situation.

Best places to find plastic-free @ naked fresh grocery is at the wet market, morning market, pasar malam, Indian grocery shops, and some hypermarkets.

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