Flowering Kumquat Tree

Ok, first of all, I’m not sure what type of a citrus tree is this but I suspect it’s a kumquat. Please enlighten me if you know.

Flowering Kumquat Tree

My mom bought a kumquat tree early this year for Chinese New Year. Immediately, I told her I would take care of it because I know she’s not much into gardening plus she would spew nonsense towards it even before the tree has a chance to adapt into our environment. 😂 You see, a majority of my mom’s conversation is about negativity. I do correct her and encourage her to talk about positive things but I guess it’s hard to change people.

Once in a blue moon, she will go about exclaiming “The plant is dying la!” or “The plant is dropping leaves la” right in front of it. I will quickly hush her and then tell the kumquat that it will blossom and live well. Proof my mom wrong. Haha Since reading about energy, frequency and vibrations, I realized how things in the universe work.

Flowering Kumquat Tree

Currently, the kumquat tree is flowering!!! And a small baby kumquat is growing bigger and bigger since a few weeks ago. Woohoo so very happy!!! Initially, I thought what in the world are those small whitish thingies at the tree. Upon close inspection, they are flowers. Nuthead!

I am eagerly waiting for when they perfumed our porch with their aromatic scents.

p/s: My mom recently bought some plants and I told her to take care of them. I think it’s time she learns how to nurture them and love them. 🙂

Update 2nd Dec 2018: The flowers bloomed, however only two went on to become fruits.

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