Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds

I mentioned about sharing my experience on growing avocado trees from seeds back in June in my growing vegetables & fruits from kitchen scraps post. So here it is, nearly 3 months later. Although not much I’ve gain in terms of experience except to see my beloved avocado trees growing bigger and stronger.

Before I divulge more, let me tell you the story on how it got started.

Back around Feb-Mar this year, my sis attempted growing avocado with this peculiar technique of poking the seed with toothpicks and let it half-submerged in a glass of water. If you google ‘grow avocado’, you’ll see many search results using this method. My sis’ attempt was a failure. Nothing grew.

So I told her why not just plant the seed directly to the soil? The most straight forward method. Hah! She followed my advice and wah la…

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
Getting taller.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
The first leaf.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
More leaves!

It grew even more and then started to wilt. All this happened in a shady area (car porch). I moved it to full sunshine at its later wilting stage but it was too late. So there goes our first ever avocado plant from seed.

After witnessing this sort of miracle, do you think I’ll just stop? Nope, I planted even more avocado seeds.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
The avocado seed will crack and sprout will emerge from the center.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
Of course not every case is the same (example left photo).

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
Planted four avocado seeds and only three sprouting. Of course it’s never a 100% success thing when it comes to gardening but this is good enough. Don’t you think so?

I bought and ate couple of avocados varieties and simply planted the seeds afterward. So far I’ve seen two distinguished types based on the leaves shapes.

The questions some of us have been asking about growing avocado trees:

1. Can we grow avocado in Malaysia?
The answer is a big YES!!! But I cannot guarantee it will bear fruits (since I’ve not proven it yet).

2. What are the ways to obtain an avocado tree?
If you’re like me (a big fan of avocado) but has no way of getting/buying an avocado tree, try planting it yourself using the leftover seeds, because you’ll surely be eating lots of avocados, right?

Do know that for your avocado tree to bear fruits is pretty slim, especially if you only have one avocado tree. This is because ‘most of the time’ they can’t really self-pollinate (unless you’re REALLY REALLY lucky). They have this male and female flower phases which bloom at different time/day and also depends which cultivars (types) your avocado tree belongs to. So to increase the chances of my avocado trees bearing fruits I’m planting lots of avocados trees. πŸ™‚

Even if my avocado trees are not able to produce fruits, I’m still okay with it. They make lovely indoor and outdoor plants. And it will reminds me always of what miracle is made of – BELIEVE!

If you can source grafted avocado tree, this is even better. It’s the best way (as in fastest and easiest) for the avocado tree to bear fruits. Another method is to first plan your avocado tree from seeds. You can then graft your avocado seedlings with another avocado that has bear fruits. Meaning, you need to know someone who already has an avocado bearing tree.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds

3. How long does it takes for the avocado trees to bear fruits?
From avocado seedlings, some say 5 years, while some say it can take as long as 10. So we’ll see. Haha For grafted avocado, it can take as little as 2 years.

4. How to plant avocado trees from seeds?
Remove the seed from avocado and wash the seed (to remove those slimy/fleshy bits). Take note which side of the seed is top and bottom. Usually the bottom is the fat part. If the seed is perfectly round, then you would have to take a guess. Now place the avocado seed into the soil halfway down with the bottom part in the dirt and top part visible from the soil. And then water everyday and pray. πŸ™‚

Writing this, I suddenly have a question of my own. Why do I need to place the seed halfway down? Why not plant the whole seed in the soil? Hahaha I cannot answer this except that I follow the half-submerge rule from the peculiar method my sis used and also based on the photos I’ve seen in the web. I will experiment on putting the whole seed in the soil and see if it will sprout (will update here). I suspect it would still sprout. We’ll see.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
Hey you sexy thing!

I usually plant the seeds in a pot at my car porch (shaded area). Once it grows bigger, I transfer it outside (full sun) to the largest pot I have. Wish I have an outdoor garden. Alas all I have is outdoor concrete πŸ™ which I lined with two long rows of potted plants. :)✌️

I water the avocado tree once a day. If it gets too dry, twice a day and if it rains, I don’t water at all. I use organic compost soil (loose) and also some on very dense soil. Avocado plants grow better in loose soil. As for dense soil, I’ve some that made it and some just stuck at the same size.

These are my two largest avocado trees to-date:

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
No. 1

Update: April 2017
Avocado Tree
Here’s my almost 1 year old avocado tree. Its baby photo is the picture before this. I shifted this plant into a larger pot and moved it to my back house.

Growing Avocado Trees From Seeds
No. 2

Pretty neat, huh?

I’ve also planted some at the joint-neighbor garden plot and they don’t seems to grow bigger (due to compact/unsuitable soil=mostly were sands!). Think I will have to put new soil in there. Hmm… Update: some of my avocados finally grew wildly at the joint-neighbor garden plot. Unfortunately, I had to relocate them (not one survived after the relocation due to soil different) because my neighbor was using herbicide for the weeds.

Ok that’s it for now. Till my next avocado post once it starts to flower (about 5 years from now?) πŸ˜›

p/s: Hey avocado lovers, have you ever wondered whether you can freeze avocado? You REALLY NEED to read this post. πŸ˜‰

Post updated: 8th Jan 2018

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