Save The Human, Save The Earth

Save the human, save the earth. – I have always believed in this quote. Human beings are the destroyer of the earth. It’s only when we save ourself, then only the earth can be saved. It’s cause and effect.

Why must we save ourself?
Because we are the reason the earth is sick.

Why must we care whether the earth is sick or not?
Because it will all come back to us! It’s already happening.

So, how do we save ourself?
By realizing what we have done to the environment, hence we change our attitude and lifestyle.

It’s as simple as that.

Yes, it’s not easy to change a human being. A human will only change if he/she decides to. Although I’m conscious of the environmental factors, I am guilty of making the earth sicker. Almost no one is 100% saint in this matter. Consumerism is the no. 1 contributor to making the earth sick. While we can’t refuse 100% to the things that we need for survival and the in-between yet, we can start refusing the wants that our ego hungrily needs to show off. Let’s start with baby steps from there. It’ll be too much burden to change 100% overnight. So, start slowly with small changes. That’s the way to do it.

I’ve been trying to lessen my carbon footprints for many many years. I started because I sensed the earth is changing. I know that if I don’t act now, I will regret it. I can say it’s been more than a decade. It’s not easy. I always failed except for just a couple of times. I failed because of convenience and also because of the way I were brought up. It’s so easy to throw rubbish into the bin because it’s no longer my problem after that.

Recently I’ve been upping my love-the-earth game, thanks to the rampage zero waste movements in social media. Finally, we can share and discuss more actively because more and more humans are getting involved. We learn by good examples and we apply it to our lifestyle. Suddenly, we are winning.

While I know I’m not perfect, at least some of my zero waste actions has helped lessen the burden on our beloved earth. And if we can awake more humans, that would be even better!

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