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Unifi Finally!

Can you believe it if I told you that my household has been surviving on a Streamyx broadband download speed of 512Kbps since 2008? I’m not joking. TM upgraded our service to 1Mbps roughly a year ago or less which we only found out recently (no wonder the internet was faster just a teeny weeny bit). So yeah, 14 years!!!

What did we use pre-Streamyx? Jaring. It’s a dial-up internet with a download speed of 14.4Kbps and later 56Kbps! Hahaha 😜 I can laugh now but at that time it was precioussssssss.

During the later parts of the 14 years with Streamyx, there were almost daily conflicts between the 3 users of the household due to the crawling internet speed, especially between my dad and me. As gadgets become more and more advanced, so does the amount of bandwidth it consumes. Urgggghhh!!! Even if I don’t want to change, I had to. So, we finally migrated to Unifi at long last.

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No TV After Midnight

The story started a few months before the end of 2021.

One day, my mom told my retired dad to watch TV if he can’t sleep at night. By night, she meant after midnight, when everyone’s asleep. My dad has this habit of sleeping during the day and being a night owl at night. Doing what? Definitely not work-related. From what I know, he surfs the net at night since he can’t sleep. We shut down the WiFi router after 12am but he has his means = mobile data.

Of course, I was very against this idea. No, you don’t! You’re not going to disrupt our sleep with the sound and blasting those non-native radiations at us. I made the no TV after midnight rule a few nights later as the TV activity after midnight continue on. For the few weeks that follow, there was tension in the air and quarrelling among us. I even had to resort to pulling out the Astro card and hiding it. Haha

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My 2021

My 2021 was going by slowly at first but by the second half, it zoomed past in the blink of an eye. What?

2021 saw the continuation of the GREAT FEAR of 2020. Let’s just say that I sometimes feel like shaking one’s shoulders back and forth, back and forth while shouting β€œWAKE UP! WAKE UP!”. Not anymore though for I learned that it’s not my job to wake others up. It’s an inside job. I’m very glad to be living in this time and witness the greatest waking up of the human race yet. To wake up is not simply by the snap of the fingers, but it takes many dark nights and the peeling off of the many layers (programmings) that we took on through our lives.

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Banana Peel Water Fertilizer

The next time you eat bananas 🍌🍌🍌, KEEP the peels and stems for they can be turned into fertilizer and benefit your plants and soils. Let me share with you how to make banana peel water fertilizer. It’s very easy & no frill.

Finished Banana Peel Water Fertilizer
Finished banana peel water fertilizer. 🍌❀️🍌

I discovered this banana peel water fertilizer by chance (forgotten where) and have been using it since then. Before learning this method, I have been using the 3 compost systems to compost banana peels and stems. You can read about the 3 easy compost systems here. Now, I get to make fertilizer out of the peels and stems first before composting them. Double joy! πŸ’ž

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Yes, I Cut My Own Hair!

Sorry for the long silence. I didn’t fall out of love with blogging. But because I run out of ideas on what to write. πŸ˜› Anyway, I’m back!

I was tweeting about cutting my own hair today and suddenly got the lightbulb πŸ’‘ moment. Why not talk more about it on the blog?

So, what got me into cutting my own hair? I used to have very rough and frizzy hair. No matter what style the hairdressers styled on me, my hair always turns out ugly. I’d even one hairdresser condemning my hair because of the rough and frizzy hair (of course, I never went back). Since it’s always the same case of ugliness, I suddenly got tempted to cut my own hair. Not because I think I can cut better (far from it) but because it’ll still turn out the same ugly and the bonuses are I’ll gain experience and save $$.

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