My 2019

Wah, can’t believe I’m a week late blogging about my 2019. Truth to be told, I fell ill a day after Christmas and never felt like my healthy grounded self even until today. There are lingering cough, sore throat, mouth ulcers and stomach discomfort, all which I know are detox symptoms.

Anyway, here’re how my 2019 fare…

This year flew by slowly. The slowest I’ve ever felt in recent decades. It was quite a good year.

I continued where I left off at 2018 in 2019. I dug into my inner world, find out how I operate from the programmings which I downloaded unconsciously (there were lots of fear-based living & thinking), learn to talk to my inner child, learn to listen to my gut/intuition (I’ve got it right quite a few times! It’s usually the first thought that comes up, very positive and tell you straight. If it’s fear-based, then it’s the ego), learn to listen to my body, learn about boundary and implement it, learn to think positively and practice gratefulness.

I meditate+breathwork and journal actively in the first part of the year, then somehow I just stopped doing both. Even though I’ve stopped, I am still very aware and observant. I yearned and seek peace, and I learn how to do it in the midst of chaos. I am now able to find peace more easily. I also did lots of decluttering of things and am continuing to do so. The decluttering activities invariably free my heart too.

I practically forgo yoga this year. Gardening was like the only proper exercise I did. Still, Korean drama-ing. Oh and I love my cold shower. My relationship with food is better. Not that I have eating problem. But I have a dilemma in choosing the most optimal versus what everyone is eating. Yeah, maybe it’s an eating problem. I went to Hanoi for my vacation in October which was awesome. Yes, I’m planning to write about it. So stay tuned.

2019, I’m super grateful for you. Thank you, thank you and thank you!
I’m going into the last year of the second decade of the 21st century aka 2020 stronger, better, wiser and lovelier!!!

Ohh and I am manifesting my dream!

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