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Siem Reap Day 3: Angkor Wat & Ta Prohm (Part 1)

Here’s Day 1’s & Day 2’s recap:
Siem Reap Day 1: Khmer Kitchen Restaurant & Artisans d’Angkor (Part 1)
Siem Reap Day 1: Angkor Temples – Preah Khan & South Gate & North Gate of Angkor Thom (Part 2)
Siem Reap Day 2: Center Market (Phsar Kandal) & Red Piano

On day 3, we had an early breakfast at our B&B and then we’re off to the temples. I was back to my normal self. No more stomach-ache or nausea. Wohoo! &*@^!# carrot juice & antibiotics!!!

This will be our last day visiting the temples (as this is the third day; our temple pass expires today). We started our morning adventure at Angkor Wat.

In our tuk-tuk with morning breeze hitting our face and a view of Angkor Wat not far ahead.

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Siem Reap Day 1: Angkor Temples – Preah Khan & South Gate & North Gate of Angkor Thom (Part 2)

continuation from Siem Reap Day 1: Khmer Kitchen Restaurant & Artisans d’Angkor (Part 1)

Note: Super LONG post. Read at your own risk. Hehe

I actually plan to visit the temples right after Artisan d’Angkor but the scorching heat made me head back to Zzzzz. 😛

Around 3.30pm we head out to purchase our 3 days Angkor Temples pass that cost US$40 ($$ fly away). There’s also the choice of 1 day pass @ US$20 or 7 days pass @ US$60. When you purchase the pass, you need to inform which date you’re visiting the temples because the operator will print the visiting dates on the pass. Also they will take your photo with web cam. Your picture will be printed on the pass. All this is done in less than 2 minutes. Yup that fast. And because of this I forgot to take some photos at the counter. Aiyak.

For those who have been to the temples surely you must be questioning me right now. Why get the pass before 5pm? Yes the day itself will be counted as 1 day. If I get the pass after 5pm, I can enter the temples after 5pm for free which means I have sort of like 1 hour free because ticket issued after 5pm is valid for next day. But nah… I don’t like this deal. Haha

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Going To Siem Reap… Very Soon

… and guess what? I’m having some minor fever, flu and cough. Hope I’ll be able to get well in time. *prays

This will be my first oversea trip in 2 1/2 years. My last oversea trip was to Hong Kong and Macau in November 2007. What happened to my ‘visit at least 1 oversea country a year’ mission? Failed lo. It was due to health and busyness. I’m very sure I will be able to ‘tambah’ balik those 2 lost ‘oversea trips’ soon. Thinking of Bali. Anyone? *blink blink

OK back to Siem Reap…
– I’m getting the 3 days pass ticket
– Taking my 2 lenses (50mm f/1.8 and 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6) but which one should I ‘load’ on my camera as the main lens. Any suggestion?
Am contemplating whether I should bring my tripod and gorillapod. Or maybe I can use my body as tripod? haha Decided to bring tripod. 🙂
– Not hiring a guide (since this will be a leisure trip; will be going to Siem Reap again with a more ‘serious’ partner later)
– Not visiting Tonle Sap
– Will be hiring tuk-tuk except for the last day trip I will hire a car to bring us to Banteay Srei and Angkor Wat. I thought Banteay Srei is too pretty and cannot be missed. Is the road to Banteay Srei dangerous for 2 ladies and a driver?
– Already I’m thinking this is sure gonna be an expensive US$$ trip.
Oh and where do you change large US$ notes to smaller notes? Got it at money changer. LOL

Kindly comment if you have any suggestion. I can read your comment until this Saturday. *yeah that soon!

Angkor Wat… here I come!!!