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Growing Basil & Rosemary In Malaysia

From my first time tinkering with rosemary back in 2008, I’ve definitely come a long way with growing herbs. Plenty of failure along the way and now over 4 years on since my last herbs planting post, I can tell you one thing. Both my basil and rosemary survived! BUT the rest of the herbs were not so lucky. The rosemary and basil are not the first generation because they’ve been propagated many times (especially basil).

As for the rest of the herbs like thyme, oregano, mint, dill, etc… I ain’t giving them up. Right now, I’m busy playing experimenting on growing fruit and vegetable from seeds. This will be on another post.

My tips on growing basil & rosemary successfully in Malaysia

Note: The basil I have is called sweet basil

Basil and rosemary love full sun. You can plant them all year round in Malaysia and they will thrive. They grow really slow in sheltered or shaded area. I water them once a day in the morning or if I forget/lazy, evening will do too. If the soil is really dry, I might water twice a day but mostly once a day is enough as both basil and rosemary are hardy plants. If it has been raining, I don’t water them. I use organic soil or organic compost soil. And I dig the soil (to loosen them) every 1-2 months for better air and water circulation. I rarely fertilize my basil and rosemary plants and when I do, I use organic fertilizer.

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My Healthy Basil, Skinny & Fatty Roselle Plant

It’s been hmmm… about 4-5 months since I update my plants condition here.

Sad to say I wasn’t able to save the rosemary plant. I tried propagating it by cutting and it survived for awhile but one fine day I accidentally pulled it out (there were tiny roots even!) and then hor I lost it!!! I was pulling weeds ma since CNY was coming but somehow I lost that tiny rosemary plant. Searched high and low but it just disappeared. Sigh. Yeah that’s the most saddest thing.

As for the basil, I propagated it by cutting too and now it has grown much taller and healthier. So happy! My secret is not to bother with it, pinch some bottom leaves off (if yellowing) and water every 2-3 days or if the soil is dried.

Looking ok right? πŸ˜›

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Rosemary & Sweet Basil Not Looking Good

Hmmm my rosemary and sweet basil plants which I bought from Sungai Buloh are not looking great. It’s not even a month yet! Hahaha Both plants are in the shade with morning sunlight. When they started to show sign of sickness, I placed them outside for more sunlight. But then they show more wilting sign and I placed them back in the shade.

This is the sweet basil plant about a month ago.
Healthy looking!

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Buying Herbs @ Sungai Buloh

So what was our mission going to Sungai Buloh? Buying herbs!

A friend recommended a nursery to us that also sell herbs. It didn’t take long to locate the place as the ‘Herbal Garden’ signage is just by the road. We did stopped at a few other nurseries just to have a look-see. But we bought everything including some other plants from this nursery. Easy ma.

This is Stevia @ RM10.00. It’s also called sugar leaf or daun manis in Malay.
A natural sweetener.

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