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Dearest Chester, Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy Birthday cutie boy!

Chester is 8 years old today. In human years, he is 61 years old. Ah pek liao.

He’s at the age where he seems to understand whatever I tell me. Old and wiser huh Chester?

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Birthday Cake. Wait! What Birthday Cake?

Today after dinner, I went to the freezer to get my birthday cake purchased a day before.

Eh, no box in the freezer?!?

My head is thinking ‘OH SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!’.

Quickly I open the fridge door. There sitting on the top shelf is my birthday cake in a box, my Baskin Robbins ICE-CREAM birthday cake.

I know what’s coming.

Quickly I open the box.

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Chester’s Birthday Cake

A day before Chester’s 4th birthday, I baked a dog cake (safe for human consumption as well) for him and it turned out pretty hideous looking.

The cake main flavours are peanut butter, honey and grated carrots with plain yogurt frosting and sliced carrots as decoration.

I know. I’ve never seen any cakes like this before.

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Birthday Cake

This is my Baskin Robbins birthday cake. It contains ice cream at the upper half and a layer of vanilla sponge at the bottom half, coated with sugary layer of white icing and top it off with red rose and laces. It’s lovely ya? πŸ’“ Nothing much to say. Just wanna let you all drool over it. I’m just helping you to get over your Monday Blues.


What I Did On My Birthday ?

What I did on my birthday? Not much actually. I was busy the whole day in the office, trying to finish up my work before going for a dinner with my family.

We had our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market… famous for fish, rice, fish, fish, seafood, fish….

My prawn and fish kena flamed.

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