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To my handsome angel, happy 15th birthday! 😘


I don’t miss you every day. But I miss you every other day.

Tomorrow will be the 3rd anniversary of your passing.

Love ya always! πŸ’—


Happy 11th Birthday, Chester!

Dear Chester, you’re 11 today. Happy Birthday dear!

So old already eongdong-i (means butt – my current nickname for him) yet you’re still acting like a young pup. You have quit your football career few years ago yet you still hump your blanket like no tomorrow. Hahaha

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Happy 9th Birthday, Che!

Happy 9th Birthday my dear Che!

Since Chester is about 70 years old (human years), I just call him Oppa (였빠) nowadays which means older brother in Korean. Hahaha

And because he’s in the grandpa stage, I choose not to bake anymore birthday cake for him. Instead I made him this healthy and delicious chicken dish with veggie puree and steamed pumpkin this morning for his birthday. Hope you liked it oppa! Kekeke

His veggie puree consist of cabbage, carrot and yau mak with honey. And yes I tear the chicken to ‘swallow’ size coz I know he’ll just wallop it without biting.

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