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Dearest Chester, Happy 8th Birthday!

Happy Birthday cutie boy!

Chester is 8 years old today. In human years, he is 61 years old. Ah pek liao.

He’s at the age where he seems to understand whatever I tell me. Old and wiser huh Chester?

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Banana Cake For My Dog

Here’s what happened on my dog’s 7th birthday.

The night before Chester’s birthday, I watched a K-drama (Oh! My Lady) marathon until the next morning 7am+. Managed to wake up at 9am to feed and bring my dog to potty. Then I plopped back to bed from 1pm+ until 5pm+. Later I baked a banana cake (with less sugar) and went out to dinner. So yes he was basically ignored the whole day. Hehe sorry ah Che.

After dinner, it was celebration time!

L-R: Trying to make Chester sit so that we can snap a picture together. He was super excited couldn’t sit for long as he has eyes only for his cake. Here’s him getting ready to devour his favorite banana cake.


Happy 7th Birthday Chester!

My golden turned 7 today.

Happy Birthday Che!!!

Happy Birthday dear leng chai!!!

Che and leng chai (handsome boy). They’re my favorite calling besides the name Chester.

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Chester & His Birthday Cupcakes

Chester: “Thank You all for the birthday wishes.”

Here’s a recap on Chester’s special day.
I’m sure my sis wanna know what happened on 3rd Oct 2009. Hehe

I woke up to Chester’s barking. Thought of sleeping in late a bit. But no chance. He heard me moving on the bed and that’s the time to get his master up.

After helping Chester with his morning formalities (ahem… u know la toilet), I proceed to baking his birthday cupcakes. There were a couple of mishap in the kitchen (yeah I live up to the Messy Witchen name). First I put a yolk in the dry ingredient when I’m suppose to put it in the wet. Then I put a yolk in the egg whites! Luckily I managed to remove the egg yolk and only few drops of yolk got in there.

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