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Sayonara To BlackBerry Curve 8520

I bade goodbye to my BlackBerry Curve 8520 this early August after 3 years. It was my 8th handphone and secretly I’m glad to let it go.

At first one of the side button starts to peel off, then one by one other buttons follow suit. I’m guessing it’s either my toxic sweat or the ‘rubbery’ material are worn. Since I seldom use those buttons, I was fine with it. Then the side panels made of the same material came off. And I’m still fine with it. I dropped the phone many times (Not purposely la. I’m a klutzy person) and yet the BB still function well.

Buttons missing and now all you can see is the button sensors.

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Chester Killed His Best Friend!

I’ve a secret to tell you. It’s regarding my dog. You see, Chester committed a very BIG sin last year. He asked me to hush-hush about it but alas I could no longer keep his secret.

You see, my gentle and sweet golden retriever who has never even step on ants and would just dash away at the sight of rustling leaves, killed his best friend with his bare paws. It was so outrageous that I, as the witness of the crime couldn’t stop crying laughing. Ohmygosh it was down-right funny.

The murder happened on the 17th day of September at 12.51pm. Teddy bear or better known as ANAK was killed by a collapsing fence pushed by my clueless dog. Just look at my cute and sorry dog… he doesn’t know what to do!!! Hahaha He really stared at the scene for very long time while I laughed non-stop.

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Chester, Personal

Pictures From BlackBerry Curve 10

These are photos from my ah pek BlackBerry from July to December last year. I call my BB ah pek because most of its teeth has fallen off. LOL I’ll show you my BB condition one of these days.

Top left: Mom and me. That’s my fav flats. At the hospital with grandma for her regular check up.
Top right: Looks like butterfly right? Formed by the laptop on my knees. I say this is God’s way of telling me every thing will be alright in the end. πŸ˜‰
Bottom left: Evening sky from my humble town.
Bottom right: Korean spicy stir-fried pork λΌμ§€λΆˆκ³ κΈ°λ³ΆμŒ at Todam Restaurant. So yummy!!!

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Chester, Oversea

Pictures From BlackBerry Curve 9

Welcome to another round up of pictures from my BB phone. These are from April to July this year.

Top left: Lecturing Chester: “Now you better listen to me clearly!!!” *joking only*.
Top right: Our luggage for the Europe trip. Mine is blue. Came back with extra 2 bags.
Bottom left: On board Thello train heading to Paris from Venice. Just woke up with V sign!
Bottom right: Chester giving me a peekaboo while I’m busy watching Equator Man. That’s Uhm Tae Woong in my lappie. So glad he’s finally getting married and is becoming a dad too. WTG UhmForce!!!

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Pictures From BlackBerry Curve 8

Come checkout photos I took from my BB starting January this year.

Top left: Sun rays!
Top right: Love resting my leg on his belly.
Bottom left: The cone due to hematoma (yeah again) early Jan.
Bottom right: Eating fruits with a toothpick. He was afraid at first but got used to it now. Me proud owner. Haha

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