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The Book Depository – My Favorite Online Bookseller!

Calling book lovers and bookworms out there…

Have you heard of The Book Depository?

It’s an online UK bookseller that offers huge range of titles AND what’s so good about it is that it provide FREE SHIPPING on everything (oh yeah baby) to anywhere in the world – with some exception (but hey hey Malaysia is in the Free Shipping list!). Besides that the prices are competitive enough (with discount!) and dare I say; some are cheaper than our local bookstores.

So head over to The Book Depository and have a look and see.

Some of our books from The Book Depository.

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Revisiting The Da Vinci Code & Revealing Dan Brown’s Greatest Work

Almost everyone have read or watched The Da Vinci Code, the book and the movie sometimes in the past. If not surely you must’ve heard about it.

I read The Da Vinci Code way before the book was to be made into a movie. Because I love the story so much, I went on and purchase Dan Brown’s 3 others novel; Digital Fortress, Deception Point and Angels & Demons.

When the movie came, I was disappointed… it’s not as good as the book. Always like that if you ‘read book first, watch movie second’. Fast forward 2 days ago, I get to watch this film again at Astro. This time: I feel the movie is not that bad la. I got goose-bumps all over my body the part when Langdon disclose Sophie’s identity. Now that didn’t happen when I watch the movie first time. At that time in fact I thought it was hilarious to hear it coming from TGV’s surround speakers.

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