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London Day 2: Covent Garden, British Museum, British Library & Phantom Of The Opera Musical

Continuation from London Day 1: Flying With MAS, Heathrow Connect & Piccadilly Circus

Day 2 is the day we get to experience the unpredictable British weather. Repeated heavy and light rain, windy and sunny weather all in the space of 5 hours.

We started the day with leftovers sandwich and bun from MAS. And then I did the silliest thing ever. I locked our bags in the locker with the keys inside!!! Thank God the YHA has a large bolt cutter if not I really dunno what to do. What a super embarrassing moment for me! Haha

At 9.40am we headed out. Spotted fruit vendors at Berwick Street and so I bought 1/2 pounds cherries for only £1. It started to drizzle then.

We reached TKTS at Leicester Square about 10.30am and was expecting long queues but thankfully there were not many people. We took a bad turning (my bad for the navigation hence the nearly 1 hour walking journey! Haha). TKTS is the place to purchase theatre tickets at half and discount price for performance on the day and up to a week in advance.

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