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Hong Kong Day 4 & 5: Crossing Victoria Harbor, Happy Valley Racecourse & Goodbye

Hong Kong Day 1: HKIA, First Airbnb & Duk Ling
Hong Kong Day 2: Victoria Peak Garden, Shopping & Sai Ying Pun
Hong Kong Day 3: Prizemart, Liu Ma Kee, Shanghai Street & Best Mart 360

Beware: a very long post!

Woke up at 7am+ on day 4. After dilly-dally, we went out at 10am+ for brunch at a dai pai dong in Tai Hang, Hong Kong Island.

To get to Tai Hang, we need to cross Victoria Harbor either by MTR or ferry (of course you can cross by car, bus or taxi too). Taking the MTR will save time. However we prefer taking the Star Ferry because it’s always an exceptional experience. I’ve rode the ferry before in 2011 that was going to Central. This time, we’re going to Wan Chai area via the Wan Chai ferry route.

At Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier To Wan Chai @ Hong Kong
At Tsim Sha Tsui Star Ferry Pier to Wan Chai. We paid the fare with Octopus card.
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Tokyo Day 14: Farmer’s Market At UNU, Hachiko Statue & Shibuya Crossing

My 2016 Japan travelogue so far:
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Kyoto Day 5: Kiyomizu-dera, Sannen-zaka & Ninen-zaka (Part 1)
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Tokyo Day 12: Autumn At University Of Tokyo, Kappabashi Street & Senso-ji
Tokyo Day 13: Autumn Colors At Shinjuku Gyoen & Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki

At this point, after having traveled for 14 days in Japan, things become fuzzy. There are some things that I forgot to do or have forgotten already. One of it is what I ate for breakfast on day 14 (forgot to take a snapshot). Hahaha Anyway, that’s not important.

I actually planned to go to Rikugien for, yet more koyo but decided perhaps it was more than enough already for this trip. Instead, we head to the Farmer’s Market at UNU. Oh yes! ✌️

We left the hostel at 9am and took the subway to Omotesando Station. On the way, my sis chanced upon Moomin’s bowl set at KFC. What else? She bought KFC and are now a proud owner of the Moomin bowl set. Haha

United Nations University & Farmer's Market At UNU aka Aoyama Farmer's Market @ Tokyo
This is the United Nations University or UNU for short, for which the farmers’s market is held every weekend (Sat & Sun) from 10am-4pm. See the tents? It’s also known as Aoyama farmer’s market. We arrived around 10.30am.
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Melaka 2014

Been wanting to revisit Melaka for quite some time now. Finally I get to give Melaka a go on 29th September. We (as in my family and I) choose a Monday to beat the crowd and tourist. Whilst my growing up years to Melaka were more about the attractions, the trip this time is all about the glorious food of Melaka.

In total we visited 8 eateries in the time span of 8 hours and had cendol at 3 different shops (we didn’t plan for this) while my dog is vacationing away at a home in PJ. Haha

Our Breakfast @ 486 Baba Low, Melaka
First thing we did upon reaching Melaka is to have breakfast at 486 Baba Low near to Jalan Tengkera. Not in picture is the glorious cendol. Do click the link to read more about 486 Baba Low. In fact, whenever you see a link, click it to read more about the eatery because I blogged more details about them in my food blog.
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Cute Chester On Command For Butter Cake

Ok let’s not talk about HK today. I’m sure you guys miss Chester? Like a lot… Got? 😛
He’s been doing great since recovering from the horrible diarrhea incident. He’s back to his old self. Read: Lazy and lazy.

Yesterday I baked a butter cake and well what do you know? My dog was suddenly so alert. No more ‘Ah Pek’ behaviour. He’s like the young dog I used to have. He kept eying me (to know when I’m going to attack the butter cake and he will join in). And he parked himself near the cake! Haha Aiyoo Chester ahh!!!

Watch for yourself his behavior and antics and how he follow my commands all for the sake of butter cake! Chester must be thinking ““Long live butter cake!”

Psst these are low quality videos taken by yucky blackberrry curve.

Look how he grab the butter cake out of the blue!
Ok I know me saying ‘Say Hello’ many times is kinda irritating. Haha
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Melbourne Day 3: St. Kilda Beach, Luna Park & Acland Street (Part 2)

Continuation from Melbourne Day 3: Victoria Hall & Queen Victoria Market Again (Part 1)

We dropped off our QVM’s shopping goods and had perhaps 2 hours of good sleep at the hostel before heading out. The beds at Victoria Hall were luring us again! Hehe

Remember we bought tram tickets at Flinders Street Station on the first day? We’re going to use it now for our trip to St Kilda. We learned that you just need to validate your metcard ticket one time once you get on the tram (for daily full fare zone 1 ticket).

St Kilda is a city suburb of Melbourne, located just 6km south of Melbourne. The main draws of St Kilda are the beach and food.

We waited to nearly 1/2 hour for the tram as we missed one just as we cross the road to the tram stop. The tram ride from La Trobe Street/Swanston Street tram stop to St Kilda took about 20 minutes. We reached St Kilda around 4pm. Initially we wanted to go to Brighton Beach (which is famous for its colorful beach houses) as well but looking at the time constraint, we have to choose either one. We go for St Kilda as Brighton Beach is further away and train is needed to get there.

St Kilda @ Melbourne, Victoria
The street beside St Kilda beach.

St Kilda Beach @ St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
St Kilda beach. In my opinion this is just a normal beach. Nothing hu-ha to it.
Still it’s a nice place to sit, breath and enjoy the surrounding.
Taken with TZ-7

St Kilda Pier @ St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
St Kilda pier. A place that I ‘so’ wanted to go but were too lazy to walk there. Haha
Tsk it was deem far as we are heading to the opposite direction for other attractions.
Yeah I know it looks near. That’s because I zoomed it.

St Kilda Beach @ St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
Dogs at St Kilda beach.

St Kilda Pier @ St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
St Kilda pier.

St Kilda Pier @ St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
Kids at St Kilda beach. Background is the St Kilda pier and Melbourne city skyline.

St Kilda Historic Bridge @ St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria
The beautiful St Kilda historic bridge.

Palais Theatre @ St Kilda, Melbourne
Palais Theatre, the largest theater in Australia. This used to be a movie theatre but is now use for live performing venue. In fact Adam Lambert will be performing in Palais Theatre in his Glam Nation Tour on 19th October 2010 to a sold out crowd. Woot woot!

Luna Park @ St Kilda, Melbourne
Next to Palais Theatre is the famous historical amusement park; Luna Park which was built in 1912.

We went in to have a look and well it’s some sort like the Happy Fun Park I visited not long ago, only smaller.

Luna Park @ St Kilda, Melbourne
As we were walking out from this famous Luna Park entrance, my sis suggested to have a look at what’s inside his nose. Well, well… it’s hollow and black in there. LOL

After that we walked to Acland Street for its famous cakes & restaurants.

Acland Street stretches very long (almost the whole length of St Kilda beach) however a large portions of the road are residential areas (flats, mansions… some are really beautiful).

Acland Street @ St Kilda, Melbourne
The part that we’re interested in is the restaurant area.

Acland Street @ St Kilda, Melbourne
Another view of Acland Street.

Cakes @ Acland Street, St Kilda
Ohh cakes galore!

Acland Cake Shop @ Acland Street, St Kilda
Acland Cake Shop.

Vanilla Slice, Chocolate Waffle & Cannoli @ Acland Street, St Kilda
Clockwise from top: Vanilla slice, cannoli and chocolate waffle bought from Acland Cake Shop.
I’m not sure why we go with this selection. Haha

Acland Cake Shop & Le Bon Cake Shop @ Acland Street, St Kilda
Acland Cake Shop & Le Bon Cake Shop.

Le Bon Cake Shop @ Acland Street, St Kilda
Awesome range of cakes/pastries!
I wonder how long it takes to bake all these.

Tram Stop @ St Kilda, Melbourne
Trams at Acland Street/Carlisle Street tram stop.
We went back to Melbourne CBD around 5.30pm. It is not safe to hang around St Kilda at night (prostitution & druggies).

We got off at La Trobe Street/Swanston Street tram stop again and walked back to our hostel from there. It was evening and the sun was setting.

State Library of Victoria @ Swanston Street, Melbourne CBD
State Library of Victoria, which is just opposite the tram stop.
Taken with TZ-7

Intersection of Swanston Street & La Trobe Street @ Melbourne CBD
Lovely view at the intersection of Swanston Street & La Trobe Street.
Taken with TZ-7

Intersection of La Trobe Street & Russell Street @ Melbourne CBD
This is the intersection of La Trobe Street & Russell Street.
On the left is the Francis Ormond Building, home to RMIT University. On the right is Old Police Headquarter building which has now turned into apartments. Further down on the right is Victoria Hall, our zzzzzzz place.
Taken with TZ-7

This is also one of the many roads in Melbourne CBD where you need to do a hook turn. Will tell you more about this in later post.

We did plenty of walks on day 3 and by night fall our bodies & legs were aching. Our dinner were at a Chinese shop at Lygon Street (a stone throw away from Victoria Hall). The restaurant name is No. 1 Steamboat but we did not order steamboat. Instead we had Lemon Chicken Rice @ AUD7.80 & Chinese dumplings @ AUD3.70. Both were delicious!

Dinner @ Melbourne CBD
Only have the energy to muster some shots of what we ate after we had our dinner. Hahaha
These were Ikea kids cups. LOL
Taken with TZ-7

Stay tuned for day 4 (which is going to be a blast!)