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My Dog’s First Ang Pow!

Oh yeah you read that right. My dog received his very first ang pow on the first day of Chinese New Year. We were talking about what if someone were to give my dog an ang pow. Would he take it or not?

The answer is yes! Chester took the ang pow from my uncle with his mouth. Haha clever boy!

Is he trying to open the ang pow?

I took it away before he can cover the red packet with saliva.

Later after everyone have left, I told Chester “I’ll use the ang pow money to buy treats for you ya.” Kekeke

p/s: untung jugak ada anjing. Haha (don’t tell my dog! Shhhhh…)

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CNY Is A Blast!

Today’s 3rd day of CNY… going on 4th. So fast ya? How’s your CNY celebration?

It’s great for me. Previously there’s only us and my aunt next door that are Chinese. Now we have additional 5 Chinese families in my neighborhood. I get to witness firecrackers! Now this is what I called a meaningful Chinese New Year!!!

My dear Chester had a great time too. I basically spoiled him with CNY cookies. I know I shouldn’t.

Here’s him with me and grandma at the morning of chor yat (1st day of CNY)

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