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Ginger Snaps

I’ve got something good to share.

See this?

This is ginger snaps bar from M&S. It taste so heavenly delish!!!!!! Ohgawd the taste still linger in my mouth till this day although the biscuits were long gone. Try them if you have the chance.

After finally gathering all the ingredients needed for ginger snaps and after some lazing around, I have finally put my head into baking some homemade ginger snaps.

I refer to Alice Waters’s ginger snaps recipe in David Lebovitz’s blog.
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Chinese New Year Cookies: Kuih Kapit aka Love Letter

As you may or may not know, this year sis and I are extremely ‘rajin’ (hardworking). We bake our own Chinese New Year cookies!!! We’ve made 4 in total. Not bad eh?

Well there’s pineapple tarts, oatmeal crispies, margarine cookies and the 4th one which I’m going to share with you is Kuih Kapit aka Love Letter.

It was 3 years ago in 2006 that we last make them. At that time grandma helped us with everything. When I read back my kuih kapit post I was quite lost. At that time things were too messy and I didn’t have time to write a proper recipe.

This time I purposely asked grandma not to come to our house. One is because I know she will definitely help out and we don’t want that. Second is because we want to learn making kuih kapit by ourselves from scratch.
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Chinese New Year Delight: Ribbon Cookies

Okay! This is the last batch of Chinese New Year cookies that I’ve made.

Another favourite of mine: Ribbon cookies!!! I make these using my grandma’s recipe. Unfortunately, the end result is not up to our expectation. We should have add a little bit more butter because the texture is quite floury. (ran out of Planta so we used butter). I’ve recently updated the recipe below.

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