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How To Become A Good Cook

Yeah how do you become a good cook? By practicing? Sure. By going to cooking classes? Sure again.

I think one become a good cook when one showers one’s culinary with love. In short, I called it cooking with love.

The concept of experimenting with flavors was introduced by Chef Michael Smith in his Chef At Home series. I followed this series religiously for quite some time. And it is during experimenting with flavors myself that I actually felted love. Showering love to my dish. Giving them heartfelt flavors! AND you know what? I tasted love.

I remember watching a Taiwanese drama whereby this person is one lousy cook but he became very successful when he learned the art of cooking with love. I’d always thought that was sheer nonsense. How can someone pour love into his cooking and how can the food tester (or judge) taste love in a dish.

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